Why Is All Software Becoming Web Software?

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The 21st century is undoubtedly the age of information collection, processing, and distribution. According to research, The World Wide Web (WWW) has contributed up to 75% of the Internet traffic around the world. In recent years, a large number of private companies have started offering wide range of services in web application development India has over billion people, and a large segment of educated youth, with technology and engineering degrees, enter the software profession every year.

Internet and Web technologies have revolutionized the world, and their influence is set to see a rapid growth with the assistance of advanced and reliable mobile communications. The high quality of networking infrastructure, reduced hardware costs, large number of web application developers, increased consumer awareness, and ubiquitous usage have also contributed to the rise of web technologies.

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A network is a collection of independent computers that are interconnected using a specific and well defined technology. The internet is a network of different types of networks, and the World Wide Web is a distributed system that sits on top of the internet, and runs web applications in a coherent and cohesive manner.  Although there are different types of distributed systems such as intranets, the popularity of the web is unsurpassable due to operational ease, accessibility, visibility, security, interactivity, and transparent software support.

Popularity of Web Software

For a software developer, the web applications offer a range of flexible choices due to the following features -

1.      Web Is A Distributed System

The World Wide Web is a reliable distributed system with software coherence and transparency. The versatile features and technologies such as client server architecture, secure socket layer, dynamic content generation and distribution, and client side scripting are relished by every web software developer. 

2.      Resource Sharing

The web provides reliable infrastructure for sharing various resources such as hardware, data, and services. The application developer has a lot of choice and he or she can develop a range of web applications at reduced costs. A co-operative work environment, well-configured computer systems, and high speed internet connectivity provides enough inspiration for developing useful software for the web.


3.      Scalable Applications

The web technologists have the freedom and flexibility to develop various types of applications. The skilled designers and programmers can offer highly efficient and fully functional services in web application development. Indian developers deploy web server side applications, widgets, and service oriented web apps or application services. In addition, custom specific applications for enterprises with intranets and extranets are also developed. The various applications can be scaled to perfection with enough room and flexibility for modifications, updates, and upgrades in the future. The client also benefits immensely, if and when the organization plans to expand or shrink its business operations.


4.      Choice Of Devices

The web facilitates efficient mobile computing, and a choice of portable devices can be used to access the web apps. Laptops, handheld devices such as mobile phones, wearable devices, and embedded devices with internet connectivity can access a wide variety of web applications for different purposes.

The technology intensive services can also be customized for professional web application  developers rely on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Web 2.0, Java Servest, WebSockets, Web 3.0, and other emerging technologies to develop cutting edge web software for large and small enterprises.

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