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Single Sign-On for SaaS Applications Increase User Adoption Easy Access - Anytime, Anywhere Reduce Administration Automated User Set-up & Removal Strengthen Security Protect Valuable Data Organizations worldwide are adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) as an alternative to installing software on-premise. SaaS can save time, money and resources while delivering a competitive advantage by providing immediate access to the latest in software innovation. SaaS adopters can benefit further with the deployment of Internet single sign-on (SSO). SaaS SSO improves user adoption and productivity by allowing users to login a single time to access multiple password- protected software applications. SaaS SSO also strengthens network security and compliance and eliminates administrative tasks such as password resets and Internet user account management. Since 2002 hundreds of organizations looking to implement Internet SSO have turned to Ping Identity®, the leader in Internet Identity Security. With Ping Identity’s SaaS SSO, the same corporate login that allows users access to their existing applications also gives them seamless "click-and- work" access to their SaaS applications. Moreover, administrators manage SaaS user accounts via their existing corporate directories. Ping Identity's Proven SSO Solutions for SaaS Deliver: • Market-leading technology, expertise and support • Solutions that scale as needs change • Easy-to-implement, rapidly deployable solutions that work with your existing environment No matter what your specific SaaS SSO requirements are, Ping Identity has the product portfolio and expertise to meet your needs. Ping Identity’s SaaS SSO solutions offer a choice of on-premise software – PingFederate® – or an on-demand option – PingConnectTM. “Ping Identity makes it even easier for users to implement and access Salesforce CRM, helping to drive user adoption and streamline administrative IT tasks.” — CLARENCE SO, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, SALESFORCE.COM "Successful integrations of multiple SaaS applications in a single environment have been limited in the past. PingConnect is providing an easy way to universally access multiple SaaS applications without requiring costly and complicated new IT tools and support." — ERIC SACHS, GOOGLE APPS SECURITY TEAM PRODUCT MANAGER “SaaS customers are asking for Internet single sign-on. Ping Identity is meeting this requirement with proven solutions that scale to meet individual customer requirements.” — BRENT MELLOW, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, ASTADIA “After just one month of using Ping Identity for Internet single-sign-on, ConAgra achieved an 81-percent user adoption of its online air booking tools.” — CHUCK MORTIMORE, DIRECTOR OF PLATFORM SERVICES, REARDEN COMMERCE. Single Sign-On for SaaS Applications PingConnect PingConnect is the industry’s first complete on-demand Internet SSO service for Software-as-a- Service applications. An Internet Identity SwitchTM, PingConnect improves user adoption by making SaaS applications easier to access from multiple access points such as Web browsers, Microsoft® Outlook®, mobile devices and email. It reduces administrative costs by eliminating manual procedures and improves security by tightening control over who can access valuable corporate data hosted by SaaS service providers. Powered by award-winning PingFederate, PingConnect works with your organization's existing directory and authentication mechanisms as well as hosted authentication services like Google and Salesforce. PingConnect provides comprehensive Internet SSO functionality and automated user account management for Salesforce CRM and Google Apps – a perfect solution for customers with limited resources and short deployment timelines. PingConnect configures in hours and deploys in days with no software or hardware installation required. PingFederate PingFederate is Ping Identity's award-winning federated identity software. It provides Internet single sign-on (SSO), Internet user account management and identity-enabled Web Services for all of your external partner connections including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers, managed services, trading partners, affiliates, acquisitions and customers. PingFederate’s point-and-click connection configuration, out-of-the-box integration kits, and multi-protocol support enable rapid deployment – often in five days or less. More than 350 enterprises, government agencies and service providers worldwide use PingFederate to connect their users to external mission-critical applications over the Internet. PingFederate makes external applications easier to use, reduces administrative costs and strengthens security. Ping Identity SSO Solutions for SaaS PingConnectTM On-Demand SaaS Internet SSO and User Account Management Service PingEnableTM Internet Identity Integration Deployment Methodology INTERNET SSO Standards-Based Federated Identity IDENTITY-ENABLED WEB SERVICES Security Token Service INTERNET USER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT User Provisioning PingFederate® Internet Identity Security Platform COMMON RUNTIME SERVICES CONFIGURATION & ADMINISTRATION INTEGRATION KITS SECURITY TOKEN TRANSLATORS SaaS CONNECTORS Ping Identity is the market leader in Internet Identity Security, delivering on-premise software and on-demand services to more than 350 customers worldwide. For more information, dial U.S. toll-free 877.898.2905 or +1.303.468.2882, email or visit About Ping Identity Corporation Ping Identity’s secure SaaS SSO solutions leverage award-winning PingFederate to offer both on-premise and on-demand solutions. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, Ping Identity has a solution for you. Which Solution Is Best For My Organization? Capabilities PingFederate PingConnect Employee access to SaaS applications; employee access to internal Web applica- tions; Customer or Partner access to internal applications or services Employee access to SaaS Applications Active Directory, LDAP, IWA, NTLM, Identity Management Systems, Custom Applications, Portals, Strong Authentication As Little as 5 Days Driving Overall Project Configures in Hours; Deploys in Days Active Directory or LDAP Directory IWA or LDAP Authentication, Hosted Authentication Minimal Software Installed on On-Premise Server On-Demand Service IT Department Resources Integration Points Deployment Time Deployment Method Internet SSO Requirement © 2009 Ping Identity Corporation. All rights reserved. Ping Identity, PingFederate, PingConnect, PingEnable, the Ping Identity logo,, Auto-Connect, Single Sign-On Summit and Identity Switch are registered trademarks, trademarks or servicemarks of Ping Identity Corporation. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Comparing PingFederate and PingConnect



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