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Manoj Ranaweera
 2015 Nov 07 Introduction • UnifiedVU (powered by Livestax) is a Web App Platform where Apps talk to each other, without data being exchanged among the underlying systems. • Each Single Page Web App can surface information and functionality from a particular system, such as legacy, on-premise, SaaS, data warehouse, the web and IoT. • Each Web App is built with simplicity and usability in mind, using a highly intuitive UX design. • When Apps are added to a workspace from your internal AppStore, they start to deliver user benefits, i.e. user experiences, which are captured in proceeding slides. 9 
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 Spaces User Experiences: Sales Pipeline View Single Customer View Customer Intelligence Customer Contact Enrichment Document Leads Analysis Leave Request and Approval Team Management News and Blogs Public Portfolio Sales Pipeline View As many pipelines as you wish from any CRM Single Customer View Customer records from every system unified Sales (CRM), Marketing, Finance, Customer Support, Projects, Credit Control, Invoicing and more Customer Intelligence View Any CRM with Companies House Information Extendable to Credit Scoring Data and beyond Customer Contact Enrichment View Any CRM with social profiles and geolocation information Document Lead Analysis View Leads of every document captured and socially enriched Holiday Request & Approval Solution Giving life to spreadsheets you love by adding a process and UI Team Management Manage your teams - share spreadsheet based solutions News View Track what’s your competitors are up to - news & blog all in one place Public Portfolio View Unlock data hidden in your systems - share your portfolio

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Unifying all your software. Starting with Customer 360º View by unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounts and support into one intuitive user interface to increase customer lifetime value.


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