Garage Doors Can Be Track Stars

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Much like most man made devices, garage doors sometimes fail to function. When this happens your door will need repairing. There are a number of symptoms of failure however perhaps the primary downside you will encounter is that your garage door will not go up. A broken spring is probably the problem There are two main types of springs, torsion and extension. Extension springs run along the tracks parallel to your ceiling. Torsion springs are would around a bar that is above your garage door opening It will likely be very hard or totally impossible to open your garage door if one of your springs is broken. This may be really inconvenient in case you are trying to open your garage door to get your car out. It may be even more trying if you are going someplace vital, like work If you have extension springs and one of them is broken, you may be able to find a replacement and change it yourself. However torsion springs are another matter. If you have a broken torsion spring you should call a garage door company to do the repair unless you've been specifically trained on replacing torsion springs But here's an item you can and should repair for yourself. When you have an opener, you also have some sort of interrupter gadget that keeps the door from closing if its path is blocked At the bottom of the tracks on either side of your garage door opening, you will most likely find a set of stop/reverse lights. These lights are actually a transmitter and a receiver of infrared beams. If the beam is interrupted your door will stop going down, reverse and go all the way back up. Usually your garage door light will flash when this happens Sometimes your garage door eyes will stop and reverse your door when there's no apparent reason. One cause may be that your stop/reverse units have been bumped and are no longer pointing at each other. If you suspect that is the problem, use the set screws or wing nuts to adjust the lights, not a hammer The main reason that your door will stop and reverse is that your "eyes" are working exactly as they are supposed to. There is something blocking your garage door. Sometimes whatever is blocking the door is not obvious, so carefully look around your garage door opening. Eventually you'll figure out what it is It is also possible that the lenses of your stop/reverse lights are soiled or have condensation on them. That means that the lights can't see one another and your door will not work Your garage door opener unit can fail. They're usually very dependable however they do have elements in them that may fail. Normally the failure of the opener is caused either by a worn gear sprocket or the logic board Both of these items might be corrected by the enterprising property owner if he so choses. However for each of them you may require the parts. You could have the ability to buy a gear sprocket replacement set at one of many massive box stores. For the logic board, you will must speak to the producer of your opener Since garage doors don't fail to work very often, most people are caught unaware of what to do to get it fixed. Most people make some attempt to trouble shoot their problem before they give up and call a garage door company. Hopefully this article has given you some insight into what items you can fix yourself and what items should best be left to a professional

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