10. D120 Serial to Cellular Gateway Datasheet

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Shenzhen E-lins Technology Co., Limited http://www.e-lins.com/EN/index.html Email: sales@e-lins.com Tel: +86 (755) 2923 0581 D120 Serial to Cellular Gateway Datasheet >>| Product Introduction We short name Serial to GPRS Gateway as GPRS DTU IP Modem. And Serial to CDMA Gateway as CDMA DTU IP Modem. D120 Series DTU embedded cdma modem enables various kinds of legacy devices with serial port to communicate over cellular network and the Internet easily and freely. It not only works as a cellular modem, but also can construct a smooth "cellular Data Tunnel" between Host and Remote side, ensuring an efficient communication for data transmission and remote device management. With the selectable RS232/TTL/RS485/RS422 serial port, D120 Series DTU modem is an ideal solution for factory automation, environmental monitoring and remote device management etc. Meanwhile, it is supplied with simple Software interface that streamline application development process, freeing system integrators from dealing with complex communication protocols of GPRS/CDMA and the Internet. Users do not need to change the existing system, saving cost and time for field maintenance, and making it a perfect solution for data transmission. Shenzhen E-lins Technology Co., Limited http://www.e-lins.com/EN/index.html Email: sales@e-lins.com Tel: +86 (755) 2923 0581 Industrial Application lte wifi modem Remote Data Monitor and Control CCTV, security surveillance Water, gas and oil flow metering and Schedule AMR (automatic meter reading) Power station monitoring and control Remote POS (point of sale) terminals, ATM, Traffic signals monitor and control, Traffic info guidance Oil field, Weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp monitoring and control Early Warning of Mountain Torrent Fleet management Power distribution network supervision Central heating system supervision Weather station data transmission Hydrologic data acquisition Vending machine Telemetry, SCADA Vehicle logistics and Diagnostics controlling Parking meter and Taxi Monitor Telecom equipment supervision (Mobile base station, microwave or optical relay station) Benefits and Features Industrial design with intelligent software capabilities, making it a reliable GPRS solution for data Shenzhen E-lins Technology Co., Limited http://www.e-lins.com/EN/index.html Email: sales@e-lins.com Tel: +86 (755) 2923 0581 collection and transmission Plug-and-play design with easy-to-use software interface for easy integration No need to build expensive fixed line network, saving cost substantially Easily manage and control distributed remote devices over the air Built-in Watch Dog Connect to any serial device to GPRS/CDMA and the Internet Support TCP,UDP, DNS,PPP,DHCP and so on. Reliable GPRS network connectivity, providing fast and cost-effective long-range Always-On-Line/on Demand Sleep mode supported wake up Remotely (SMS or Voice call) Support APN Industrial design with surge protection Local and remote configuration over the air Multi-destination IP support

10. D120 Serial to Cellular Gateway Datasheet.pdf

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