The Word of God about Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan

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Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 1 «But first, He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.» (Luke:17/25.)1 * «Therefore, I was displeased with that generation and said, ‘They always go astray in their heart, they did not know My ways;’ As I swore in My wrath, ‘They will not enter into My rest.2’» (Hebrews:3/10-11.) * «What shall I do any more to My vineyard, that I have not done to it? Whereas I expected it to bring forth grapes, but it has brought forth thorns. And now I will tell you what I will do to My vineyard: I will take away its hedge and it shall be for a spoil; and I will pull down its walls and it shall be left to be trodden down.» (Isaias:5/4-5.) * «Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Zion: for, behold, I come and will dwell in the midst of you, says the Lord. And many nations shall flee for refuge to the Lord in that day and they shall be for a people to Him and they shall dwell in the midst of you: and you shall know that the Lord Al- mighty has sent Me to you. The Lord shall inherit Juda His portion in the holy land, He will yet choose Jerusalem. (“and shall choose Jerusalem again.”- The New King James Version) Let all flesh fear before the Lord: for He has risen up from His holy clouds.» (Zacarias / Zechariah:2/10-13.) * «Even as Abraham “believed God, and it was counted to Him for righteousness,” know, (Or “recognize /acknowledge”) therefore, that those who are of faith are likewise Abraham’s children.» (Galatians:3/6-7.) * «That is, it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the promise are considered as descendants.» (Romans:9/8.) * «As he says also in Hosea: I will call them ‘My people,’ which were not My people; and her (country)‘beloved,’ who was not beloved.3 It will be that in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ There they will be called ‘children of the living God.4’» (Romans:9/25-26.) * «But I ask, did not Israel know? First Moses says: I will provoke you to jealousy with what is no nation, With a nation void of understanding I will make you angry.5» (Romans:10/19.) * 1 THE EASTERN / GREEK ORTHODOX BIBLE (EOB) 2 Psalms 95/7-11 / 94 LXX 3 Hosea 2/23 4 Hosea 1/10 5 Deuteronomy 32/31 Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 2 «Therefore, I tell you that the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and it will be given to a people bringing forth its fruit.» (Matthew:21/43.) * «Whoever has My commandments and keeps them, that person is someone who loves Me. Whoever loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will reveal Myself to him.”» (John:14/21.) * «It is the same with Christ: having been offered once to bear the sins of manyc, He will appear a second time, apart from sin-offering, to those who are eagerly waiting for Him for salvation (Or “deliverance”).» (Hebrews:9/28.) * «In that day, they shall sing this song in the land of Judea; Behold a strong city; He shall make salvation its wall and bulwark. Open you the gates, let the nation enter that keeps righteousness and keeps truth, sup- porting truth and keeping peace:» (Isaias:26/1-3.) * «As it is, the creation waits with eager expectation for the revelationd of God’s children.» (Romans:8/19.) * «Beware therefore, for fear that what is spoken in the prophets may come on you: ‘Behold, you scoffers, be amazed, and perish! For in your days, I [shall] accomplish a work, which you will not believe, even if one would proclaim it to you.’6» (Acts:13/40-41.) * «Anyone who desires to do God’s will recognize (Or “know about”) the teaching, whether it is from God, or if I am speaking from Myself. ( Or “on My own”)» (John:7/17.) * «I heard a loud voice out of heaven saying, “Behold, God’s dwelling is with people! He will dwell with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God!» (Apocalypse:21/3.) Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan God’s Word in and for Romania Selection of texts from God’s Word from The Holy Citadel New Jerusalem7 Oh, My beloved and tired children! Do you like these fields? Do you like these mountains? Oh, they look like the Sion mountains! Oh, little but beautiful country, oppressed country. My Mother has chosen you to be her garden, and that is why I will remove all your dandruff from you. Oh, Romania, Romania, which are full of wealth, I will shake you and I will clean you up, because I have many relics of saints in your hearth. 6 Habakkuk 1:5 7 Translated by V.B., r.n. Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 3 Extract from God’s Word, from 15-08-1956 (On Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive) *** Blessed is the country and blessed is the people and all the immortals who live through the Romanian people, as they will all benefit from the mercy of God for the Romanian people, whom good God wanted to choose among the nations, the most humiliated people, who bitterly suffered because of the powerful ones, who was exploited, threatened, invaded, tortured, sold and bought in every war8, and still, a good example of a hospitable people whom almost every nation could join and live,9 showing a pleasant greatness and being made to be an example of universal fusion into one nation, with a straight and holy belief, being the highest nation in the world in order to offer accomodation to all the nations around the world. … Like the Saviour chose His beloved apostles from Galateea, the most important province at the time with the firmest belief that is still shining today, so He has chosen The Romanian country and the Romanian people to be the shrine of exemplary life, at everyone’ salvation service. Extract from God’s Word, from 24-04-1957 (On Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive) *** The bodies of the saints are on the Romanian hearth, otherwise Romania would have been divided long ago, but because their bodies are on the Romanian hearth, My mother asked Me to protect you, because, if she hadn’t asked, I would have left you alone long ago. … My Father dressed himself in Son, in a filthy and ugly coat and He went to a rich man asking for mercy, and that one told Him: ”Go to work and work! Why are you lazy?“ And here is what God did: He dressed Himself in a luxurious coat and He went to the rich man again. When he saw Him, he invited Him at his table. Whom did this rich man receive? Oh, If there weren’t poor men on Earth, there would be no one in heaven. Extract from God’s Word, from 14-05-1957 (On Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive) *** … Oh, come closer to Me, Romanian country, because if you do not listen to Me, a sign from Me will remain into you as it had remained as a memory from the emperors’ monasteries. Approach Me, Romanian army, as the children who are coming are not from Me, they are not with Me, because God will break down the earthly school and will rise church if there is obedience. God will spoil conception of the infants, if there is obedience among the Romanian army, as I have taken grafting for you and I put grafting from the beginning, so that the unborn remain risen. If I succeed in it, it will be all right, as it is written in the prayer «on earth as it is in heaven», without sin. Keep your faith, as a lot of it is spoiled. The world believes in God, but sins a lot. 8 See the history of Romania, a country formed (like the Holy Trinity) of three small Romanian countries, occupied at turns by the big empires of the time, succeeding the unification (still incomplete) only in 1918, (See „History of Romania part 1 to part 16” red.note. 9 The only country in the world which granted each minority a place in the Parliament, red.note. Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 4 If I succeed in doing this with you, I will make this land a heaven for you; the eternal life will be on it; you will be the sons of heavenly Eden. Subject yourselves to the heavenly will, My sons. Oh, hear Me, you, New Jerusalem! What say you, will you go without sin? Make no mistakes, My son, in order to be able to succed with you, to give you the Orthodox-christian country in use. Oh, today nobody is called Romanian, except the christian one. He may be a German, an Indian, but if he is a christian, he is a Romanian. Peace to the Romanian people! Peace to you, My people! … Tell, Verginica, to the christians, that God says so: whoever wants to enter this tent, let him wash his sins first. Verginica, Verginica, as the non-baptized christians could not enter into the heavenly kingdom long ago, today the man who is not penitent cannot enter this tent too, the tent which is the church of The New Jerusalem. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trum- pets10”, r.n.) … Tell, Verginica, you, My daughter, to this people to whom I spoke, that God asked them: why you do not listen to My advice? I named them the sons of The New Jerusalem, the girls of The New Jerusalem, people of the Holy Tent, people of The New Jerusalem, but they are full of dirt even now, after such a long time of prophecy. I, The Lord, I have made great miracles with people, and not for the purpose of body, but for the purpose of The Holy Spirit, as the body is ground and dust, and the spirit is immortal. Everything is God’s mystery, since the creation of man until now, but nowadays the things have not yet been revealed. … Oh, Romanian people, Romanian people, it is for you that God has come from heavenly skies, to do with you what is left to be done. Why, My people, are you late to believe? Why are you late in repenting? Is My arrival from now not written? Aren’t you written in the law about this holy work? Why are you late to believe? Why are you late in coming to Me? I tell you this, Romanian people, many strangers will come from far away, and you, a small piece, are too lazy to come. Don’t you think that other christians, from abroad, left their rest and their homes, their women and their sons and they travelled in a foreign country, searching for Jesus Christ? But you are not able to leave anything. Behold! I left heaven and I came to your villages, where it is written, but the price of My arrival will be high. What else should I do, except this work of turning away the man from his sins? What work should I do except this one? Who cannot hear this and wonder not? Who did not hear and did not wonder? Who is able to think about it without being terrified? God has come again on earth, Holy Spirit has come. How can you not be afraid? Heart of stone, how can you be so senseless? as even the dead ones groan of horror into their graves. … Romanian people, wake up! What are you waiting for? For it is daylight, not night. Why are you sleeping? It is late. Come on, Romanian people, what are you waiting for? Are you not part of My plan? 10 You can also see on: _The_Apocalyptic_Trumpets.pdf Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 5 … It is for this reason that I got in touch with this child, to make you daughters and sons of The New Jerusalem. Is this not a mystery? … Verginica, I finish My words and I bless with Holy blessing this letter, and you shall give it in front of My people who shares with everyone else My things. Amen, amen, amen. Extract from God’s Word, from 07-01-1966 (On Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive) *** … Oh, My sons, My sons, here I tell you this word. I have come to you, as I have always told you that I have come to you and you do not believe Me, that I am God and I came long time ago. At the beginning, when I came with this word, you heard it naming you My People. And I did not come to go into the world, but I want to stay with you, and to end the century with you, as you are written to be the key with which I will end this final century. My People, you were not loved by anyone as I, God, love you. Not even your parents, who raised you, did not love you as much as I, God, love you. My Love is deeper, much deeper than the one of your parents. My People, I have brought you precious things, great and worthy things. When will you have time to start working on them? Oh, oh, My people, make yourself time to fulfill My words, as making time from time you will have a pleasant life in God. … My People, when God created you, He gave you a handful of wheat and when I came, I told you to separate it from weeds and I have come to you to see if you did what you were told to, but I see now that you want to miss it, and you do not want to separate it well, My People; as I gave you just a handful of wheat and you did not separate it, imagine what you would have done if I had given you a cartful! Your ancestors had cartfuls of wheat from Me, and they separated the wheat from the weeds well. They threw away the weeds. Why , My People, you do not separate the weeds? Who do you want to do this for you? … The wheat is your life and the weeds are the sin. The wheat are your days and every mortal’s days. Man has only a handful of wheat today, and that handful is doubled with weeds, and there are a lot of weeds into the wheat, meaning that there are a lot of sins into the days of man. Your ancestors used to have hundreds of cartfuls of wheat and they did not allow the weeds to live with the wheat, they did not allow the sin to live in their hearts. … I have come to you to prepare you for the Kingdom of Heaven, as the sin will no longer have place on earth, because heaven and earth belong to God and not to men. God is against the man who sins. The sinner cannot work for God. My People, your ancestors had made mistakes, too, but God used to send them prophets and they woke up, and they listened, they confessed and sinned no more. But there were not the prophets who came to you, but God Himself came to talk to you through the Holy Spirit. You are not the people of the people, you are the People of God. You see? You have a cattle for pulling, and another one for milk, but I do not have you for pulling, as I took the yoke. So I do not have you for the world, I have you for Myself, to fulfill what I have written in law. My Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 6 People, I want Myself to be proud of your life in front of the world like a teacher who is proud with his students’ work. You christian, your life is written in order to replace the sun, your life is the light, as the sun will not shine any more while you will be the light of the men on their path. … My Son, do you hear My word? I speak to you closely, as I have never spoken so close to your ancestors. Neither did I to Moses, nor to Abraham or Isaac. … Oh, brother, brother, God have invited you into His house. Not even the emperors had the honour that I, God, gave you. Heaven is waiting for you. There is no other creature on earth or in heaven who has the same honour that I, God, gave you. … My Son, believe in God the One, as the water will perish from the earth and you will be the rock from which the water flows, the water everybody will drink from in order to know Me, God. … My Son, do you believe that twenty four bells will toll into this stable? Do you believe that the holy sacrifice will be prepared into this stable and the sacrifice will be in accordance with the belief of My people? My Son, do you believe that the creature11 who must be shown will be shown into this stable? Do you believe that no one will be allowed to enter this place if they are unclean? My sons, make yourselves worthy of this holy sacrament, for I tell you that a part of you will enter, and a part will not, as I will not take you by name, christian, but I will take by the life you live, as it is written in My law. … I want to make the man to get rid of sorrow, meaning those men whom I gave for hard work. My sons, your ancestors enriched themselves through God’s work, because, hearing the voice of God and fulfilling His words strongly, they became rich in everything. My Son, through this work I forgive Pilate. My christian brother, through this work I forgive Caiaphas, I forgive Herod, I will forgive the crowd of dead who died of sudden death, and I will give My hand to the thousands of aborted children, to help them come to light. … Truly I say to you My people, the century that will remain from the century is being built now. The one who came from the beginning of the century till now has not tasted yet the prepared things: they are all waiting the last one, they are waiting for you. This century will be over anyway, but come to Me, in the honour that I gave you, as I still have something to work with you. My sons, come to your senses, for it is here where the new man is being built, but no work will be done until the man will change according to the plan of God. Extract from God’s Word, from 14-01-1966 *** … Truly I say to you that many of you will not receive death, but with your body you will receive God. … How beautiful the day will be when heaven meets the earth and the reception to one another will be made! And how deep the sorrow when the disobedients will separate themselves from you and from Me and they will let their heads down! 11 «As it is, the creation waits with eager expectation for the revelation of God’s children.» (Romans:8/19.) Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 7 Extract from God’s Word, from 10-03-1971 *** ... I want you to know that My country is the Romanian country. Let it put spiritual foun- dation. God is coming to make into it a spiritual belief, where millions of roses and millons of trees will be planted. Ghostly I speak. For I tell you this: The man will go to priests no more, but he will come to you, and you shall heal the sick one and the cripple will come out from you with his legs and the blind will be able to see. The one with tied hands will go too, and he will come from My people with his hands untied and his mouth full of blessing. Keep this in mind: you are the wheat and it is of you that I shall make bread. I say this once more: priest will come and they will unite with you. Extract from God’s Word, from 05-03-1973 *** … Come near Me today, as long as the weather is fine. Do not be afraid, like Constantin Brâncoveanu was not afraid of the emperors and he took his children giving them to be tortured before him, so that no one might be left behind and that one, being tempted by the evil, to disown Me! In the end, he gave himself to be tortured. And I say: do not let yourself be defeated by te things which exist today on earth: fight and give your child first, so he could not be tempted by the world and the time. ... For it is written that every sinner has to go to the doctor to be cured, as behold, a great suffering is announced for the sinners. You, smoker, give up smoking! You, liar, give up lying! You, adulterer, put down your mistress! Extract from God’s Word, from 04-08-1973 *** … Christians, the wolves are howling at the borders. My christian children, here lies the Romanian hearth, from where honey and milk will flow. You shall not go elsewhere, you shall settle here. Wait for the estranged one (King Mihai, r.n.), who is now preparing himself, far away, for Lord brings him onto his land. Extract from God’s Word, from 25-09-1973 *** … Holy Mary will wipe out all the evil from the hearth of this country. Who is with Me, that one will stay. He will inherit God’s People, because the foreign visitors have already seen Romania, and they know its riches. They are waiting to rob the country, but the villain shall be burned, and his ashes shall be blown into the wind and expelled from earth. Have you heard? Extract from God’s Word, from 27-11-1973 *** … My Son, put your hands on My pot, to see how she trembles, being afraid of the shrew. (The Security Service of the Comunist regime, r.n.). My sons, be careful with your work, be careful with your departures and arrivals, and when you leave, too. My sons, the moles are the ones who left from you. They inform Gheboienii that a shrew’s extremity is in their way. They inform Bucharest that a shrew’s extremity is in their way. They inform Măneştii that a shrew’s extremity Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 8 is in their way. They inform Pietrarii that a shrew’s extremity is in their way. They inform Provița. Likewise, they inform Călăraşii and all the surroundings. (It is about the Security’s informers, r.n.) Extract from God’s Word, from 20-02-1974 *** … You, flowers, old men, young people and babies, hang on! A lot of people, fashions and portraits are coming from America, Russia, Belgium, from all the countries. They had mixed themselves like bran in the sieve and they bring thousands and thousands of deeds and sins which were not done and known in My country. Extract from God’s Word, from 21-07-1974 *** … Have you heard what has happened on Earth? The profanation of the heavenly treasures has become. You have to know that there no was deeper suffering for God, not even for His Son, compared to this one, as this profanation is being done to put out the Light, but the Light shall not be put out. They used to do so before the floods, (In 1970, r.n.) but I will hit with the stick Moses’ rock and I shall drown this land, as this profanation was not done before on Romanian land. God is crying for the profanation that is being done in Romania. Romania, Romania, the gossip has come over your hearth, the profanation from the ancient temple has arrived at you, too. Extract from God’s Word, from 04-08-1974 *** … My children, if you come to Me, be at My service, be perfect, and do not be ashamed of your spiritual life, do not be ashamed of the fact that the people call you “penitent” or “obsolete”. Since the Army of God12 has fallen, the entire humanity is full of sins. My children, there were priests in the Army of God who preached and served. Now, since it has fallen, there is power neither at the emperor, nor at his servant. My children, do you believe this? Hear Me out, if the Army of God was here, the Romanian country would not have been like this, with this look, it would have been a country of heavenly praise. The fall is a great pain, for otherwise there were no demolished crosses and locked churches. Do you believe this? Extract from God’s Word, from 15-09-1974 *** … Romania, Romania, do not give up, Romania! I have built a wall in you and it does not end. Romania, do you not know the commendmends and the prodigies? Romania, Romania, how do they walk over you! Why did this country loosen in spiritual strength? Why, My sons and children, why do everyone want to visit this country? Why do they want to be friends with this country? They have visited a lot of countries and they all became terrified that there is harshness and prayer in Romania. Romania used to be the cleanest and the most beautiful country! Extract from God’s Word, from 10-02-1975 (On Calameo; on Flipsnack; on Issuu; on Google Drive) *** 12 The Army of God was a movement inside the Orthodox Church, which was born in 1923, at the initiative of the priest Iosif Trifa, the first „apocalyptic trumpet”. It was banned under the Communist regime, r.n.) Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 9 … Our shelter will be here, on Earth. This land shall be My people’s garden and I shall make it heaven, adorned with trees, angel music and birds. This land shall be heaven, but God will clean it, as it is written. Be prepared for the end, in order not to burn with garbage, as all the sinner will perish. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire13”, r.n.) … Be moderate with food, drink, and rest. Sleeping from evening till morning is too much. Working from morning till evening is too much. You should know that God is determined to destroy the whole world. All the human beings and all the creatures will be destroyed. All the blocks of fats will be destroyed. Do not let yourself be destroyed together with the world. If you do a holy work, you will not perish along with the world. Be faithful, for it is written that the people from the end shall welcome God at His arrival. Be like pigeons and hide yourself from the sin. Love the sin no more. Do not strive for daughters and sons of Gomora. Do not be united with them. Do not receive them near you just because they say they believe, like you do. Extract from God’s Word, from 17-07-1975 *** … Had Holy Mary not wept and had she not prayed for this country, which is at these torrents’ feet, torrents that had broken all the vows, oh, My sons, this country would have been destroyed long time ago! But if this country does not clean up, you must know that it will not get away without being cleaned up and washed up. Extract from God’s Word, from 23-02-1976 *** ... Oh, who shall be responsible for this Romanian home? Who shall be responsible for this country? There used to be some beehives on this land. Romania, who knows you, Romania? For I ask you, Romania, where is the bracelet that you used to wear? The foreign countries took it from you. You traded it, you gave gold for copper, you gave away the youth for free. How many crosses did I use to sanctify this land? But now they are none. Hang on Romania, hang on, for you will soon be without light. You will grope in the dark like the blind one, and you will starve like the poor one, who will not have land to seed, for the lands under your feet are no longer yours, for you shall not have land to seed and land to feed your cattle any more: you shall not have your own garden and trees. (That was due to forced colectivization, under the dictatorship of the red beast, r.n.). Pity you, Romanian sinner without Me! For you shall be a slave to a foreign world, which is coming over you all the time. You did not care for the thing I had given you and you made yourself dirty with the body entered from abroad into your house. Extract from God’s Word, from 07-01-1977 *** … My Holy Mother says: “O, God, my child, look how the good man and the bad one eat You like wolves and they do not believe, they do not believe that You are God from heaven! Oh, my Son, what will be there, what will happen on this land? Before Your arrival there were no such 13 You can also see on: Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 10 things. Tell me, my Son, what will happen to the one who eats and drinks Your blood but he does not want to be the angel of heaven, who does not want to join Your army? Oh, you christian, how long have I wept for you! Oh, you christian, how long have I kneeled and prayed to my Son to forgive your great sin, for no one can take it away and there is no place under the sun for your great sins. I do not speak for the foreign countries, because they are pagans. I speak to the Romanian country, for it is not pagan, it is a Romanian country, in which God shall make His plan, plan that He has to make. “Wake up, christian, from the dead sleep!” Extract from God’s Word, from 24-01-1977 *** … My Son, how much I cared for the Romanian country. I have children and bodies who sacrificed themselves. Oh, how much I protected this Romanian country! You have to know that there is another group of christians, not those ones who drink tzuica (acohol, r.n.). There are people who do not drink tzuica or wine. They use wine only when they receive the eucharist. May their name be blessed. Extract from God’s Word, from 06-05-1977 *** ... Both the emperor and the servant have the evil in themselves. God is upset, and all Heaven is upset, and The Holy Mary is upset, too, because the entire Romanian country is dirty. There must be cry and sigh among the christians. … You peasant girl, where is your hemp and your brake? You used to make shirts and clothes snow white from hemp. Even our Lord wears linen clothes, a linen shirt. And the angels, too. I do not defy you. Be perfect, in order to be able to live in the cold weather. There will be bloodshed. There will be paralysis. Many will die in accidents. Even the emperor himself will die in an accident, and many other emperors on the earth will die. And God will work to make emperors from the ones who swept the streets. There will be people without king for a long, long time, and the sheep will fight the sheep and the ram will fight the ram, and the he-goat will fight the he-goat until one in a thousand remains. For it is written. There will be an empty butcher’s in the country. God shall clean up the Romanian country of all its litter and He shall make it a blessed garden. Extract from God’s Word, from 28-09-1977 *** … Remember this, My son, Ceauşescu will die, the comunists will die. Keep this whisper hidden. Do not say a word untill it happens. You can speak after he dies. And you do not need to know how he will die14. There will be no one left. You do not know, you are little, little. 14 (He was executed, being shot in 25th of Dec. 1989, during the Revolution days, r.n.) Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 11 You feel like crying on the street: “Oh, my Lord, my Lord, do not leave us and come as fast as you can, because Your people wants You to come into his house, to speak about the spiritual ones.” Extract from God’s Word, from 04-04-1978 *** … Your ancestors had built monasteries for today and tomorrow’s children. It is for you, christians, that your ancestors had built this house. Why did they turn the Holy house into a museum? Do you think the doors will open? They will open by themselves. There is no Constantin Brâncoveanu to open them. There is no Great Stephen to come to Voroneț. They are not here any more, but their holy prayer which is being made, opens them. But if you have no holy belief, you will not walk into this Holy house. Who built the Cernica monastery? Saint Calinic. There is not his hand any more, there is no nephew, as they all drink tzuica. There is no one to open the cells, there is no one, but his hand will open the house’s door. You might say that it was not closed, but it is closed, My child, and many holy monasteries are closed with iron and steel keys, (By the comunist dictatorship, r.n.) My children, but the ones who had built them shall open them for My chosen ones. Be a chosen one, you too, christian, in order to eat in God’s house that bread which Great Stephen had eaten, that bread which Vodă-Negru (Black-King) had eaten. They did not save their money at the bank, but they used to build holy houses. Extract from God’s Word, from 03-12-1978 *** … This Romanian country vanishes. Why? Because this country is a holy country, it is a christian people, but there was one thing at the counting and now there is another. Extract from God’s Word, from 24-12-1978 *** … My child, My sheep, be in a holy place, be on a holy ground. Do not let yourself indulged in illusions, do not go to foreign countries. There used to be two children: Olt and Mureş, and they both separated from each other. Mureş took east, and Olt took west. And God told Olt: ”Olt, you foaming river, may you be deep and wide, may you be always troubled and mixed with blood.” And to Mureş He said: ”Mureş, Mureş, calm water, do not go to a foreign country, or else you shall not have rest.” For Olt was a pagan and Mureş was a christian. … Long ago, christians used to grow beards and long hair, but now this is not possible, because people touch your hair and make it dirty. You will not be able, christian, to be tormented for your beard and hair, because one will hold you by one hand and another will hold you by the other hand, and your hair will be cut and your beard will be shaved. And why let yourself be mocked at by Gog and Magog? (The comunism from the north, r.n.) Extract from God’s Word, from 08-02-1979 *** ... I gave you love above any angel or any saint. Do not play with My words, for they are not an earthly toy. Beloved people of these times, of the centuries, if you were a wise philosopher, you would know every word that God had put into your arms like a heavenly message. But I did not say: “You are not worthy of Me“, for I wanted you to be above any saint. I have not revealed to anyone what I have revealed to you. My beloved people, it is written for you to be with Me Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 12 since the beginnning of the centuries. Pity the one who, having heard these words, would not come to live in the holy heavens, for his punishment would be bigger than any other sinner’s. Extract from God’s Word, from 28-10-1979 *** … We protect Romania. The old Jerusalem is where My hardest ordeals happened, and you will soon see where the new Jerusalem is if you get ready. The new Jerusalem is Romania. The Judgement Day is in Romania. (See the selection topic: „The Judgment15”, r.n.) Extract from God’s Word, from 27-05-1986 *** … My children, God made the man, He made him with a lot of care, from dust, like you would make a doll from dust and water and from wisdom. He blew over him; ”Fuu!” a life breath . And God did not give him a bottle to his neck, or a cigarette into his mouth, but he gave him wisdom, beauty and other gifts. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?16”, r.n.) But behold, now the man uses his wisdom and his intelligence not God like, but against God. The man is not happy with the way that God made him, but he smokes and drinks until he mocks at God with knavish words. Why do you not turn, smoker, the cigarette with the smoke into your mouth? You do not stand fire. You will not stand the judgement’s punishment, too. The Judgement is here: it will be in Romania. That is why My Mother cries for Romania. … Oh, work is loved by God, but do not be called or go to work on festive days. Extract from God’s Word, from 15-02-1987 *** … My Mother brings prayer for dear Romania. Romania is dear, for it was a holy country and loved by God, but satan loved it, too. Oh, for what is left in it for God, the voice of Mother asks for mercy: “Oh, Holy God, Heavenly Father, Hold with Thy hand the Romanian crown!” For great is this song and loved by God, but only what Mother has chosen is brought, only a few words. My Mother is singing the other words in the holy heavens, as there are no evil ears there. (The informers from the security police, r.n.) if this entire sing wee heard here, even ih they 15 You can also see on: second-coming-of-Jesus-Christ---The-Judgment 16 You can also see on: Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 13 are God’s children, satan would make way without your will and he would take it into the evil mouths. All the mouths should repeat at prayer this song for My country. Extract from God’s Word, from 15-11-1987 *** … The people are going to see what is there, to Jerusalem, but the new Jerusalem is here, you christians, and you shall see miracles. The world sees the Jerusalem of My ordeals, but the new Jerusalem is here. Extract from God’s Word, from 07-11-1988 *** ... The priests do not know that it is here where the new Jerusalem is being built. Now it is hidden; I do not want to reveal it. It is like starting to build a house, and the ones who started it got sick, and I found other workers and I finish it, though. You did not see then that the enemy was among you and clapped his hands when I took My trumpet. (See the selection topic: „The apoca- lyptic trumpets17”, r.n.) … The relics of Saint John The Baptist were discovered through My work and the rulers were asked if they receive him in the country, but the answer was not given. It is the body without the head, the way they burried him when they cut his head off. My Mother cries to be accepted in Romania. The one who will accept it, will be saved. It is like a golden globe. I do not tell you where it is. Pray to be accepted in Romania. Pray that Romania will accept the relics of Christ’s godfather. … The time comes for God to to separate you from this world. My sons, the time will come for Me to scent you with heavenly perfumes, to smell from the distance, and I shall make miracles with you, but stand by Me. Extract from God’s Word, from 06-12-1988 *** ... This servant, Irineu, is My child, and I protected him wherever he went. He is the servant of My church. Oh, My son, I give you advice to serve in order to come with your service to heavens. I looked after you wherever you have been and I watched the way you acted and I brought you back and I made way for you to be in My boat. When you miss My caress, come and I will give it to you. Extract from God’s Word, from 07-12-1988 *** 17 You can also see on: _The_Apocalyptic_Trumpets.pdf Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 14 … Come on, from now on, let’s move ahead with the fulfilment! But in order not to be disclosed, keep both of them at sight: the new style, but with a sincere heart, the old one, the Romanian one, and for what was broken as long it was broken, the one who had broken the arrangements is responsible. He is responsible, because you did not know until now. I did not tell you: I was afraid not to lose you. For after I had stopped the staining, many people turned their back on Me. If I had told you this earlier, you would have said that it was too much. Now, when the times are ready, I have told you how I can bring you near Me. For, behold, the fast of the holy apostles in the new style lasts three, four days, but in the Romanian style it lasts two, three weeks. The one who changed it will have a lot to answer, as, behold, he reached the evil before Judgement, and at the Judgement Day, he would have to be responsible for the people who took into darkness. If you want to respect the new style, I will consider it to, for what you did not respect until now. Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, in order not to be disclosed and he might come against you, for if you give him what you should, you will cover what you want to give to God. (See the selection topic: „The changing of the holidays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.) Extract from God’s Word, from 11-06-1989 *** … I could not prepare you any more, because you were too afraid. They set you up. And here is what God has done! Now you see, and you see that God is with you. God did not want to catch the innocent enemy, the one who is loved by God, but the ones without God have been caught. The drizzle and the hostility waves have not yet stopped, but I will stop them and I will clear them. You have the right to speak. I told you that I took prophet Elijah to help Me, Elijah who had brought to Me the Israel of Ahab. I brought him here to help. The priests were ruled by the executioner of mankind, but now he is waiting for his judgement and punishment. (See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah18”, r.n.) The throne of judgement will be in Romania, which I am washing now. You will see with your own eyes the truth and the justice, too. … A little time on earth, and afterwards you will be in the holy heavens, meaning on the holy ground, because what you wanted and asked for has arrived. This prayer said by My Mother through your mouths, has fulfilled: Romania shall be cleaned of the satan’s dirt and of the darkness that overwhelmed her. I have seen the traps set for My faithful ones to be caught, but I, God, I stopped everyone’s step and I told you to stay still and to pray more, and behold, I turned the wheel for the ones who dag the hole to fall into it. They set you up. … Romania, Romania, My holy and beloved country! How much they overwhelmed you! (The Security Service of the Comunist regime, r.n.) How long they cheated on you! Be aware, for now it is a threshold of the end of the century. Romania will become The New Jerusalem and you will see with your own eyes that God has been and He is with you. 18 You can also see on: Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 15 Extract from God’s Word, from 25-12-1989 (Three days after the Revoluton, r.n.) *** … Can19 I take into consideration the ministry of the priest who both commits adultery and serves at the same time? The priesthood, which hates God’s people; who is to hear those that have hate in their heart? Look at the icons about the second judgment. All the priests who defile My gift go there. The youth of nowadays does no longer want God. God’s greatest pain comes from the youth of nowadays. Sons, call out Romania’s cleaning in a loud voice and with tears. The cries of My little people have turned the wheel, but We have to work to bring about the freedom fully, for I want to make My word known so that all Romania may know of it, but the steel is made little by little. The sour grapes turn into honey with patience and silence. Everything that is in Romania is like black and muddy water, with horrifying waves. (After the events of the Revolution against the dictatorship of Ceauşescu, within the first years of democ- racy, no.). Excerpt from the Word of God, from 05-03-1990 *** And you, My Romania, My New Jerusalem, you will be like a crown of greatness into the Lord’s hand and like a royal diadem into your God’s hand, for you will be called: “I was well pleased with you���. For I will put watchmen on your walls, who day and night will not be silent. Illuminate yourself, Jerusalem, as the Lord’s glory is coming upon you; furthermore, dark- ness and fog will come over the peoples, but the Lord arises on you, and kings will walk in your light and nations in your brightness. Your sun will no longer go down, for only right people will be into your people, and the smallest will be like a thousand, like a great nation. I, God, said it and I decided to fulfill it in due time. Romania, My Jerusalem, I will do unexpected miracles in you, which have never been heard of. Here I am. Turn to Me, for I come to join with you, and I will put shepherds over you after My heart, and I will teach you to understand everything and I will call you “The Lord’s Throne,” and many nations will come after My name. Wash yourself away My Romania, for I will dwell over you, and also cleanse yourself, for Your Creator is calling you. Do not be afraid, for I will gather you from west to east, and I will destroy the Babylon on your account, and I will work out your salvation. Your headmen defiled My altar, but do not be afraid, new Israel, for the King of Israel is your Savior. Excerpt from the Word of God to the patriarch Teoctist, from 12-05-1990 *** … I have something dear and of great value on you. I keep it until one day. I have a gilded apple. I keep it in the oven to bake it, to be good, and to give a bit of it, and it will be honey for each one. 19 From here, the document is translated by I.A., r.n. Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan 16 My holy Romania was ruled by holy and brave rulers, who loved God. Now it has been governed by rulers, who have defiled it. It is like a garment of a petroleum worker, befouled with black oil. I will pass it through fire to be cleansed. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire20”, r.n.) I want, and I have to accomplish it to bring the ruler that God wants and to establish him as ruler over My little church after My will. The world does not know what I speak, but you should know that it will hear, and My word will come out to be known. Then many people will answer: “We did not know, Lord, that it was You that worked”. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 10-10-1990 *** − Be careful again, My love, My dear child. Those that are written into the book will be fulfilled; those written for his time. Behold, it shoot forth buds, and here is a new thing; I come to fulfill it. Be careful, for we will work out a new thing, a New Jerusalem, a new and eternal life. Amen. My love, the mystery of incorruptibility is great, and this mystery has to be worked out by us; it has to be established on the earth, for we will make new heavens and new earth, and the Lord will come down into the middle of this heavenly Jerusalem and He will establish those that are written into the book. (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salva- tion - the mystery of incorruptibility21”, r.n.) I have brought the tree of life; I have brought the tree of life, to be worked and placed into the middle of the heavenly Jerusalem, for the heav- enly one will come down on to the earthly one, and there will be only one, a heavenly Jeru- salem on the earth; on the earth, for the earth will be cleaned, and it will be renewed, and it will be new. Take care with love, for I want you to eat from this beginning of new work. Do no longer eat at the table with Annas and Caiaphas, and do no longer sit at the table with Judas. Eat with Me My dear; eat every day from Me. Never be without Me, and you will be from heaven. I have come down here, I have come down here with My kingdom and I made here a beginning of new heaven and new earth, a beginning of incorruptibility. Eat My dear, with Me, for I have come down at this table with all My love, with all My power and with all My life. Clothe yourself with 20 You can also see on: 21 You can also see on: tery_o_95c84c254c473b https:/


… We protect Romania. The old Jerusalem is where My hardest ordeals happened, and you will soon see where the new Jerusalem is if you get ready. The new Jerusalem is Romania. The Judgement Day is in Romania.


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