Range rover Hybrid Not Traveling to U.S.

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www.coventrywest.com Land rover appears to have a knack for delivering gut punches to the U.S. marketplace. Fresh over debut of the new Range rover hybrid on the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Land rover has announced how the vehicle won't be purchased from the USA. Range rover Hybrid Not Coming to U.S. However, the Range rover hybrid combines a V6 turbo diesel with an electric motor, offering superior fuel economy while greatly reducing emissions. www.coventrywest.com One could believe the Range rover parts hybrid will get together any U.S. emission regulation standards, therefore the decision not to ever sell the auto in the us is a little puzzling. Hybrid vehicles have enjoyed tremendous popularity in the USA, specially in light of the Obama administration's new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations. This new mandate has boosted the automobile industry's mandatory fleet mpg from 25.3 this year to 34.1 by 2016. www.coventrywest.com While waiting, this leaves us questioning whether we'll view the much-publicized electric Land rover oem parts Defender if it finally hits production. Our fingers are crossed. This landmark legislation should pave the way for fuel-efficient hybrid diesels including the land rover parts shop to penetrate U.S. markets, and we all are hopeful that this Range rover Hybrid can get its technique to U.S. shores sooner, rather than later. www.coventrywest.com www.coventrywest.com offers original and salvage land rover and jaguar parts from Lithonia, Georgia.




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