Sonera jhaveri specializes in mental health counseling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Therapist

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What is Integral Psyche-Therapy? Known conventionally as Psycho-Therapy; Sonera likes to refer to her practice as Psyche-Therapy, thereby removing any stigma associated with it. Psyche is an ancient Greek word, generally, translated as soul, spirit or life force. So Integral Psyche Therapy, then, is a way of therapeutically engaging with the deeper essences and multiple layers of the Self. Integral Psyche-Therapy facilitates the integration of mind, body, soul and spirit as it curates a journey of self-discovery that enables one to harmonize the internal and external dimensions of one’s process and allows one the space to consciously and skilfully respond to life. Drawing on multiple orientations, Integral Psyche-Therapy facilitates an unique and tailor-made approach for the individual to catalyze a holistic healing process through the integration of the conscious and unconscious aspects of the Self. Should a pharmacological intervention be necessary, Sonera has working relationships with select psychiatrists in both South Mumbai and the suburbs. Inspired by the theory of Ken Wilber, the Integral Approach holistically engages the individual and harmonizes mind, body, soul and spirit, facilitating a deeper engagement with the pluralistic layers of the Self. The Integral Approach works to optimize the four dimensions of earthly existence understood as the subjective (mind), inter-subjective (relationships), objective (body) and inter- objective (environmental, societal) when evaluating a course of therapy or coaching. In her practice of Integral Psyche-Therapy and Integral Coaching, Sonera assimilates Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Vedanta, Yoga and Tantra with Western Psychology and Philosophy. The Integral Approach engages multiple aspects of the self to create a personalised course of Therapy or Coaching for each individual, while working with the bio-energetic and psycho spiritual-aspects of the Self. Sonera’s therapeutic repertoire includes: • Mindfulness Meditation • Yoga Therapy • Transpersonal Psychotherapy • Psychodynamic Therapy • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy • Hakomi • Somatic Experiencing • Biofeedback • Ecotherapy • Dreamwork • Art Therapy

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