Making the most of your intellectual property

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Today's businesses rely more than ever on design, inventions, brand names, know-how and information to give them the edge over the competition. This means that Intellectual Property (IP) is increasingly important for more and more businesses. That's why we know you need a law firm that has real expertise in IP. Whatever the size of your business, Aaron & Partners LLP can help you get the most from IP whether it is IP you have created, acquired or licensed in. IP also lies at the heart of information technology (IT). When acquiring or supplying software, developing a website, or maintaining an IT infrastructure, you need to know that the relevant rights are correctly assigned or licensed, and that your risks are appropriately managed. Aaron & Partners LLP can prepare or advise on software or website development agreements, software licences and maintenance agreements and hardware supply agreements. Making the most of your intellectual property Intellectual Property Stuart Scott-Goldstone Partner Tel: 0844 800 8346 Email: Intellectual Property Intellectual Property is important for every business, large or small, whether you own a vast portfolio of registered rights or your trading name is the only valuable IP. At Aaron & Partners LLP, we know the importance of brands, designs, inventions, domain names, database rights and copyright to businesses. IP is particularly important for brand, design or innovation-led businesses, but even if your business does not fall into those categories, the chances are that IP still plays a major part in your business. That is why every business needs to make the right choices when it comes to IP. In many cases, we can make a real difference to your business. We focus on IP advice, commercial contracts, disputes and litigation to help you protect, enhance and exploit your IP. In particular, we can: negotiate and prepare licensing deals to enable others to use your brand, technology or designs or to enable you to use brands, technologies or designs belonging to others bring real IP expertise to bear in the context of venture capital, corporate finance and M&A deals prepare non-disclosure agreements to help you share your ideas conduct patent disputes conduct trade mark and passing off disputes help you to stop others copying your designs help you stop any unjustified threats of action and take action to prevent the continuation of such threats Many lawyers can help with commercial agreements, but it takes real expertise to know about the implications for your IP. IP lies at the heart of many commercial agreements and forms an incidental part of many others. When buying or selling a business, you need the best advice about the IP you need to acquire or what you need to retain and what you need to license in or out. When appointing a distributor, you need to ensure that the distributor looks after your brand. When you want to extend your brand outside its core areas of activity, you need to make sure that the brand you've built up over many years is not ruined by the actions of an unscrupulous licensee. We also have a network of specialist independent advisors to help you prepare and file registered design, patent, and trade mark applications. IP Disputes Many businesses become embroiled in IP disputes. Aaron & Partners LLP have the right litigation and IP expertise to help you avoid or resolve disputes and, where necessary, to litigate. Whatever your situation, we can help. Through negotiation, litigation or mediation we will guide you every step of the way and aim to keep costs in proportion to what is at stake. Information Technology Managing your IT relationships When the implementation of new systems or a new website works well, the dividends for supplier and customer can be immense. However, if things are delayed, or the agreed specification cannot be delivered, then who is to bear the cost? If things go wrong, you need to be as well protected as you can be. When acquiring or providing IT solutions, software or hardware, you need to know that the relevant rights are correctly assigned or licensed, and that you manage your risks appropriately. Aaron & Partners LLP can provide, prepare or advise on agreements relating to software development, software licensing, and escrow agreements. If you are developing a new transactional website, Aaron & Partners LLP can help. If you supply IT solutions, we'll make sure that your contracts will give you a fair degree of protection without driving your customers away. If you are taking on more risks than you think is fair, we can help you to assess the likely severity of them (bearing in mind that not all exclusions or limitations of liability are lawful) so that you can choose whether or not to accept the terms or seek an alternative. We can advise you in particular on: website development contracts and disputes software development agreements software licensing maintenance and service level agreements e-commerce terms and conditions and regulations domain names outsourcing agreements hardware supply or leasing contracts data protection

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