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death - obituary Maria Liza Skelton All hospitals whether private or government admits patients when it is an emergency. What is she talking about? This is not Cuba nor Venezuela. And more so not a terrorist country that you do things just because it doesnt suit your needs. Dont enforce your Sanders mentality in times of crisis. Alan Stewart Government control is the goal and it is working right now. The media and the government working together keeping you all hiding out in your homes. Great change is coming. Never give up your Freedom! Dennis E. Andrison Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ' See if it weren't for the government you wouldn't be able to walk'______Harry Browne. Jack West Death - Dead : Jack West Obituary, Camden, S.C Jared Michael Facer Death - Dead : Jared Michael Facer Obituary, layton utah Apple Gabriel Death-Dead: Apple Gabriel Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Singer Pastor Landon Spradlin Death - Dead : Landon Spradlin Obituary, CoronaVirus former DEA and FBI Agent Bob Levinson Death-Dead: Bob Levinson Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Gearbox Software co-founder Landon Montgomery Death - Dead : Landon Montgomery Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown NYC Nurse Kious Kelly Death-Dead: Kious Kelly Obituary, Cause of Death #coronavirus. Bryce Beekman Death - Dead : Bryce Beekman Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown president of Cameroon Paul Biya Deaths-Dead / Obituaries : Paul Biya may have passed away. Chef Floyd Cardoz Death - Dead : Floyd Cardoz Obituary, Cause of Death CoronaVirus filmmaker Stuart Gordon Death - Dead : Stuart Gordon Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Missing Jacob Bumpass Paige Johnson Death - Dead : Paige Johnson Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Danae Russon Death - Dead : Danae Russon Obituary, layton utah Dr. Alex Hsu Death - Dead : Dr. Alex Hsu Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Justin Klesic Death - Dead : Justin Klesic Obituary, buffalo ny Dahmeer Baker Death - Dead : Dahmeer Baker Obituary, Rochester ny Cassie Ayers Death - Dead : Cassie Ayers Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Anthony Spadaccini Death - Dead : Anthony Spadaccini Obituary, stamford ct Deidre Wilkes Death - Dead : Deidre Wilkes Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Roger Armstrong Death - Dead : Roger Armstrong Obituary, corona virus Phill Lewis Deaths-Dead / Obituaries : Phill Lewis may have passed away Rapper Bugzy Malone Involved in Motorbike Accident Rapper Aaron Davis Bugzy Malone Involved in Motorbike Accident unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ stamford-ct/ death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ and-composer/ mike-stratton-obituary/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ ayers-and-anthony-ayers-cassie-obituary/ unknown/ death-coronavirus/ may-have-passed-away/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ ny/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown-2/ death-unknown/ death-unknown-2/ unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ british-ambassador-steven-dick-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ levinson-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ richard-hanna-obituary/ death-unknown/ unknown/ landon-montgomery-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ layton-utah/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ oghgasian-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ omar-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-covid-19/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown-2/ unknown-3/ unknown/ of-death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown-2/ unknown-3/ johnson-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-coronavirus/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ away/ cause-of-death-unknown/ biya-may-have-passed-away/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ virus/ unknown/ obituary-coronavirus/ zircher-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-corona-virus/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ domingo-menggie-cobarrubias-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ donafay-collins-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ Regan Barrilleaux She is an embarrassment to this country. She does not have a clue about how government works. The only laws she is familiar with are the ones she needs to break. Corey Stewart Anyone who has served in our military knows how bad medical would get if they did that. People will take advantage of the situation and flood the doors for a sneeze when there are people who actually need help. Robert Alan Benton Socialism at its best. Government take over means control of we the people who are supposed to be the government. We vote to elect these very folks who want to control us. Little by little democracy is taken away, freedoms taken away then we have dictorship where one person controls all facit of our lives. Not for me. Nor for the majority of we the people Patti Paul Harper Linton Yeah, the Government does a great job at running hospitals. Ask all those guys who died waiting for treatment at the VA. Lynn Bell She needs to educate herself a little more. Private hospital run by the same rules as county and non-profits if they take Medicare which is federal and Medicaid which is state. They have stepped up just like all of the healthcare community has. I've …See More Marie Ledoux She has no clue how hospitals work ..... they do have to abide by state and federal laws, except certain procedures that have nothing to do with the virus. Our local Catholic hospital was up and on board for the virus long before our city hospitals were. Mark Grimme Another attempted power grab by a left wing nut. If we have learned anything through history, it is that if not overregulated and interfered with the private sector does everything better than government Louise Gill Bartley Why do these people think the government is good at running anything? I survived 3 years working in the government. It was slow, inefficient and nothing seemed to get done. I left as soon as I could and never looked back. Jeannie Smelser I’m hopping they will all be gone this fall Because they haven’t done a thing but vacation where else besides our government can you get payed to go on vacation the first year I think it’s time the rules change you have to do the people’s business in order to get payed and only a week payed vacation each year for the first 5 years and another thing I thaught you had to be American born to work in the Government.? Sherry Henderson Thompson EMTALA requires all Medicare funded hospitals to provide emergency care regardless of the ability to pay(among a few other things). It was passed in 1986. This isn’t about refusing care in this crisis. I really wish we all would be more judicious about who we choose to elect to serve us in Washington. Hate and fear mongering is doing nothing but destroying this country. Ron Robb Our best hospitals are private ones and that’s why they are the best. Whether it’s the Integra group in Oklahoma City or Ceder Siani in Los Angeles , people come from all over the world because the best is in the USA. Linda Haas Right - look how well 100% government run hospitals and health care worked for Italy. They had no private sector to help them because they don't exist. They had no way to respond to such a massive need. Jennifer Jaynes death, Obituary : USA Today Author Found Dead. , hospitals and su…See More Pamela Watkins Uh? I seriously doubt our hospitals are designated as "private" v "public" during this crisis, Just as MASH, temp, med ships, etal are available to all patients. Does she look for something only she sees thru a divisive lens??? She is intolerable. Jacquie Feliciano This is why we all need to do our due diligence prior to voting. From both side, elected officials have made uninformed, at time outlandish, statements that show they should have never been elected. This is a great time to push term limits. Jerondio Clitar Encienzo Why takeover private hospitals? Omar can build your own hospitals and name it Radical Hospital! Easy Ask Pelosi for funding and put her on the board of radicals and you Omar is the CEO of Radicals! Sounds democratic? Right! Sergio Codognotto To whom it might concern, I am a worried citizen of this great Country and I am deeply concerned about the medical emergency we are just starting to face. This is going to be a great challenge for Our Nation and most of all for the men and women in the front line of this terrible fight. FOX NEWS is a news channel of this Country and for this reason I am asking you to cover directly the situation of Our healthcare workers in their fight. These hero are about to face an unprecedent challenge and they are sent to the front line with little or no tools to do their job. For respect to them and all the patient that are about to suffer I am ASKING you to cover this situation and make it public in the hope that things will be addressed. Tom Emerson Wow, the public sector has done such a bangup job so far. Sure lets turn over another huge part of our economy to a known leftist progressive! They will be more than happy to return it when this is over. Power grab?!?. Darryl Holbrook What a great idea and a real Leader in action during these testing times. God bless you America as someone has to. Your President has been exposed during this crisis as being totally inept. I pray you get more representatives like Miss Omar. Jackie Ehly If she and her other 3 cohorts stay in the senate, they will do a lot of radical things, and they won’t be for the love of America. Vote them out first chance given TJ Metaxotos Oh shut up and sit down. You want us to become italy where if your over 60 oh well sucks to be you? This is not a socialist country. Lee Harrison How dense of a mind set can a individual have ? Who ever thinks that's a option needs to be schooled on so many levels .. where to begin ? Is it even worth the effort ... ? No it's better to leave this alone ... she's obviously no where close to having a sound mental standing worth discussing ! Enough said ! Barbarra Sixt Mejias Does she realize ALL acute care hospitals (except those treating a solely high risk population like Shriners or St Judes children hospitals). Every other hospital accepts patients since always no matter what, especially emergencies. She truly is clueless.

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