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FAITH CALL CENTER - Yes We Can ADVANTAGE OF OUTSOURCING TO INDIA Language - The largest English-speaking population after the United States of America Manpower - A vast workforce of educated, English speaking, tech-savvy Cost - Effective manpower. Tech support - India graduates about 100,00 engineers each year, they can be used for troubleshooting/tech support. Govt Policy - The Government of India has recognized the potential of IT-enabled services & has taken positive steps by providing numerous incentives. IT & ITES is one of the Government of India's top five priorities. OVERVIEW Faith Call Center is an ITES company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, famous the world over for the technical know how & vast population of qualified workforce. The company is managed by a team with a combined exposure of 35 plus years to all aspects of the functioning of ITES & IT units. Faith Call Center is an ITES company which fully understands and comprehensively addresses the outsourcing needs of businesses in areas like Call Center, Data Services, Software services, Creative services, Pre Press Services, & Health care Services. Faith Call Center is one stop solution ensuring top-notch service to the outsourcing offshore companies. Global Presence We have partnered globally to ensure 24/7 support even multilingual if required with companies who also serve fortune 500 organizations. Apart from Indian Offices our execution & delivery partner centres are also located in North America, Europe, South America & Africa Services Provided  CALL CENTER SERVICES  DATA SERVICES  SOFTWARE SERVICES  HEALTH CARE SERVICES  PRE PRESS SERVICES  CREATIVE SERVICES Call Center Services Provided  INBOUND CALL CENTER SERVICES  OUTBOUND CALL CENTER SERVICES  EMAIL SUPPORT SERVICES  CHAT SUPPORT SERVICES  DATA VALIDATION  DISASTER RECOVERY SUPPORT  MULTI LINGUAL SUPPORT  TECHNICAL SUPPORT  TELEMARKETING SERVICES  VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES  MARKET RESEARCH Data Services Provided  DATA ENTRY  DOCUMENT CONVERSION  IMAGE MANIPULATION  DATABASE UPDATION  DATA PROCESSING  OCR  ONLINE CATALOGS  SCANNING SERVICES Software Services Provided  SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT  SOFTWARE TESTING  REMOTE MAINTENANCE SERVICES  PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT  DESIGN SERVICES  MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Health Care Services Provided  MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION  END TO END BILLING  CLAIMS PROCESSING  RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT  EMR  TELERADIOLOGY Creative Services Provided  GRAPHIC DESIGN  MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS  3D DESIGN & ANIMATION  MAYA GRAPHICS  EVENT MANAGEMENT GRAPHICS Pre Press Services Provided  E BOOK SERVICES  TYPESETTING  XML CONVERSION  PDF CONVERSION  PAGINATION  MATH TYPE  DIGITAL PUBLISHING OPERATIONS HUxMAN RESOURCES TRAINING QUALITY TECHNOLOGY PROCESS STRUCTURE RECRUITMENT PROCESS Round 1 - Personal Introduction Round 2 – Communication Skills Round 3 – Operations Round 4 – HR: Values, Culture, Salary CV SCREENING Recruitment process JOB OFFER TRAINING PROCESS Basic Orientation Communication Grammar Accent Neutralization Pre - Process Customer service Industry Knowledge Culture Training CRM Systems Domain Knowledge Process Process Knowledge certification Key performance Indicators QUALITY PROCESS FLOW Business Rules - Set Conditions that determine when a customer interaction becomes a contact Contacts - Monitor, record & playback (multimedia content -Call Center)of customer interactions Evaluation - Develop and generate evaluation forms for professional development Feedback – To improve performance & consistency 15 INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY  Spam filter for Internet access & mail server  Biometric control  Firewall enabled  Completely backed up with UPS & Generators  Multiple ISP as backup options  Web filtering application  Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication  Logging of Internet Access at all user level  No Mail & Internet access at Agent’s desktops  External storage media and printing facility disabled at agent stations  Profile based Desktop access which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines.  Centralized server based storage.  File system access policy based on user authentication  Business continuity Process in place with multiple locations WHY FAITH CALL CENTER ?  Our Customer Centric approach to all enquiries  Domain Specialists providing support through multiple languages  One Stop Shop for all your diversified off shoring requirements.  Value For Investment  Excellent communication skills creating opportunity for easier mutual interaction  Proven systems & Management to ensure Round the clock support  Well defined Robust Processes We Appreciate your Time & Patience! THANK YOU Please contact us at:



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