LED Flood Lights- Ideal For Outdoor Lighting

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LED Flood Lights- How Are They Different From Other Lighting Fixtures?  

Of Course Yes! LED flood lights are high-intensity, broad-beamed lights and can illuminate vast spaces. Can effectively replace any metal-halide flood light to bring energy-savings of not less than 75%. They are ideal for any outdoor applications such as parking lots, sports stadiums, streets, highways, warehouses, factories, tunnels, building facades, swimming pools, stage lighting, signage lighting, accent lighting, wall grazing etc.

About ledmyplace

LEDMyplace is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale online distributor of Indoor and Outdoor LED lighting products since 2012. We are a company aimed at  realizing the dreams of industrial, commercial and residential owners. What had actually started off as a distribution company for novelties and general merchandize to gas stations and convenience stores in early 2009 turned out to be a reputable energy systems company on a mass scale.

Our target is to match the idea of most governments having a smart city in every nook and corner of the nation we are serving. We also believe in the idea that without any concern for clean and green environment, human beings can not progress. And, that is why we offer products that are eco-friendly on one hand, and completely healthy, safe and non-toxic to the human body.

At LEDMypace.com the work is really about caring for the customer through offering newer products which are in demand and which are an outcome of leading-edge technology. The professionals at LEDMyplace are focused on addressing the gap between the customer’s concern and delivering quality products & services.  Our LED lighting specialists are there to assist 24x7 through a live online chat facility -- Lighting Gurus, for all our valuable customers.


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