Toyota Corolla vs. the Competition

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Since its introduction in 1996, the Toyota Corolla has been one of the most popular small cars in America, with more than 40 million units sold.(1) It’s easy to see why – the model has focused on combining comfort and functionality, while still being affordable to the average driver. Through multiple generations and redesigns, the Corolla has maintained its image as a reliable, affordable compact. That tradition continues with the latest generation of Corollas, which have many features their competitors just can’t beat. Let’s take a look at some of the ways the Corolla continues to come out on top. The Corolla ZR hatchback and the Mazda 3 SP25 hatchback are similar cars, but the difference is in the details. Unlike the Mazda 3 SP25, the Corolla ZR has many modern interior features that drivers have come to expect, which makes the Corolla a superior option over its competitor. Features the Corolla ZR has that the Mazda 3 SP25 doesn’t have include: • Heated leather-faced seats. • Touchscreen controls and steering wheel buttons. • A sleek, upmarket design that more closely resembles a sports car than a traditional compact. • Panoramic glass roof. • Voice recognition. In addition to superior interior features, the 2015 Corolla ZR also boasts improvements to its fuel efficiency that other competitors can’t match. In a recent test, the Corolla consumed just over 2 gallons of gas driving 62 miles. While driving the same distance, the Ford Focus used up more than 2 ½ gallons, despite Ford’s claims that it could go that far on only a gallon and a half of fuel.(2) Steering and Handling Along with its great fuel efficiency and luxury interior, the Corolla ZR also features smooth steering and handling that any driver can enjoy. The Corolla has always been a reliable car, able to handle turns and city road conditions with aplomb. Despite recent up ates to the model, the 2015 ZR is no exception. If all that weren’t enough, the Corolla has another ace up its sleeve: affordability. The 2016 model Corolla LE is available for the standard price of $17,230. Compare this to the 2015 Honda EX-L, which, at its lowest, sells for $23,660—more than $6,000 more than the comparable Corolla.(3) If you’re in the market for a compact or subcompact car, it’s hard to beat the Corolla. Come in to North Hollywood Toyota today to test drive your new Corolla and take advantage of GINORMOUS savings on all our new and used Toyotas. North Hollywood Toyota is Southern California’s number one Toyota dealership, featuring affordable prices and great deals on new and used Toyota cars, trucks, and vans. Stop by one of our locations today, or visit for more information. 1. millionth-corolla-ever-built/ 2. toyota-corolla-v-volkswagen-golf-comparison-review/ 3. | The Toyota Corolla’s excellent selection of interior features, superior fuel efficiency, smooth steering and handling, and affordability give it the edge over its competitors in the field of compact and subcompact cars.

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