6 Unique Gifts For The Investor On Your List

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  6 Unique Gifts For The  Investor On Your List          Looking for a unique gift for the investor in your life this holiday season? Cash                               and gift cards are easy, but they also require little thought or effort. Rather than                               spending money on something that will lie dormant in a closet for thirty years,                             why not go for something that might increase in value as time goes by?  From investments to financial planning education and advice, unique gifts for                       the investor have the potential to keep giving–year after year. In this post, we’ll                             explore some unique gifts for the investor in your life. From first-time investors                                   2    to colleagues, finance nerds, and more–these unique gift ideas are a sure way to                             stuff some variety into your investor’s stocking this year.  How to Buy Stock as a Gift  Can you buy someone stock as a gift?  Yes. Stocks can be given or transferred to others as gifts. When you buy stock for                                 the purpose of gifting, there are various platforms, websites, and other sources                         you can go through.   One way to gift stock includes the transfer of shares                     you already own. The ultimate “gift that keeps on                   giving” –this option comes with potential benefits               for the holder and gift-giver as well. If the stock has                       appreciated in value, transferring it can allow you to                   avoid paying the capital gains tax ​.   The other option is to purchase stock through an                   online brokerage that supports gifting stock. Simple               and convenient, these services are typically the               easiest ways to gift stock. They make great gifts for a variety of investors,                             particularly first-time and young investors.    The Best Gifts for Young Investors  1. Gift Stock in The Investors Favorite Company  With ​Stockpile ​, you can purchase stock in the form of gift cards for the young                               investor in your life. Upon redemption, users can buy fractional shares of                         renowned companies like Apple and Starbucks. For new investors or those who                         research companies in great detail–Stockpile is the perfect financial gift.        3        If you’re looking to purchase an investment gift for a child–Stockpile lets you do  this too. All it requires is that a parent or adult open a custodial account.      2. Acorns For Investors With Fear of Risk  Another platform that allows the purchase of stock by way of gift cards is                             Acorns ​. Fairly new on the finance app scene, Acorns is a micro-investing app                           that allows you to invest spare change. Simple and convenient, this platform                         eases the process for first-time investors to start saving for the future.  To give stock as a gift with Acorns, you will need to purchase one of their $25 gift                                     cards. To redeem and start investing, the recipient will just need to sign up for a                                       4    free account (if they do not already have one). The process is simple and                             mobile-friendly.      3. Financial Planning Session  This unique gift is highly beneficial for recent graduates leaving high school or                           college. In terms of meeting long-term financial goals, this is an investment gift                           with a lifetime of value.  According to a 2019 report, ​36% of US college students said they already had                             more than $1,000 in credit card debt. On top of student loans in the double                               digits, many young people begin their early 20’s bogged down by financial debt.   A financial advisor can help inexperienced investors gain the knowledge to make                         smart financial decisions in the present. Thus, eliminating the need to clean up                           for colossal financial mistakes in the future. To get started, look for a financial                             advisor in your area and start making phone calls to see what your options are.  Keep in mind, financial advisors can be expensive. To check out a list of financial                               planning services geared toward young people, check out money Under 30’s list                         of the ​best financial advisors for millennials ​.         5      Robo-advising  With Services like ​Betterment and ​SoFi ​, you can create a membership for the                           investor of your choice and fund their initial investment. When their                       membership begins, they can access perks like financial planning, career advice,                       and more.  Financial advice through Betterment comes with some fees, although there is no                         minimum balance requirement. SoFi offers free financial planning services,                   membership, and more.      Unique Gifts for the Savvy Investor  Whether it’s a gift for your financial advisor, a colleague, or a close companion                             with a zeal for finance, these gifts are sure to satisfy this holiday season. From                               traditional investors to financial trend-followers, here are some unique gift ideas                       for the experienced investor in your life.         6      4. Investment and Finance Books  “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon                 Valley Startup ​,” by John Carreyrou  As we approach the close of 2019, this book ranks                     high on Amazon’s best-seller list. This is an                 excellent choice for the investor who loves a                 good page-turner.  Documenting the rise-and-fall of a biotech             startup in Silicon Valley, the story divulges the                 juicy details of a startup valued at $9 billion. The                     startup was ultimately exposed as being built on                 a foundation of lies and deceit. 6.   “The Intelligent Investor” ​ by Benjamin Graham  This is a classic title that will make an excellent gift for any investor on your list.                                   This book was written as an investment guide and is revered by many for its                               “timelessness.”  If you need a unique gift for the investor who relies on tradition and historical                               perspectives for success, this book fits the bill. It is also referred to by Amazon as                                 the “stock market bible.”    5. A Gift For the Investor Who Loves Money  Liquid Money ​: ​ the fragrance that can make you smell like a millionaire.        7    According to its official website, the scent of the Liquid Money fragrance is that                             of newly-printed money. As if that weren’t enough, each fragrance comes packed                         with real, shredded US dollar bills!  This is also a great gift for the investor with a secret Shark Tank obsession. The                                 fragrance initially appeared on the show and was well-received. This is definitely                         the ideal money-lovers gift.       6. For the Investor Who Loves to Travel  Hotel ownership ​ in America’s first seaside resort, Cape May.    For $2,500, investors own a piece of The Ewing. A luxury boutique hotel in a                               prime location, The Cape May experience includes an area with high tourist                         activity and over 30 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches.  Investors will receive discounts and VIP treatment during stays at The Ewing. It’s                           also an exclusive opportunity, previously only available to wealthy, accredited                           8    investors. Hotel ownership and luxury VIP perks? Not bad for an investment gift.                           Click here to learn more ​.        Source: ​https://www.hotelierco.com/6-unique-gifts-for-the-investor/    Follow Us:       


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