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Choosing From The Best Printers 2017 The printer is as important as the computer whether in the office or home. These days, the printer is no longer the simple print only device. The printer now offers so much more functionality. There are so many choices out there. They come at different costs. They come with different features. With the plethora of options, zeroing in on a single choice can be tough and confusing. How do you choose the right one? With a few key features to look for, you will be able to find the perfect unit that fits your needs from what the best printers 2017 has to offer. The Type Of late, there are two basic types that you would find in the market today. It is a toss between a laser and an inkjet type. There are more inkjet types out there from the forerunners. Inkjets have evolved from when they started to come out in the market and at certain points they can even closely rival their more expensive and more sophisticated laser counterparts. Inkjets have improved tremendously printing images even glossy ones, charts and text documents. They are so versatile practically every brand manufactures several models of this type. On the other hand, laser types still provide the best, clean printout especially in monochrome that are particularly favored in office settings. Note that color laser printout can have a higher cost per page than the color inkjet print. Multi-functionality As it was mentioned earlier, although there are still print only machines in the market, the multifunction ones are more in demand. Soon enough we will see a phasing out of the single function printers if it has not happened yet. These days, all-in-ones are more preferred as they offer scanning and faxing functions and others more depending on the level of sophistication. Networking Function It has become a necessity to have printing devices that offer network functionality. Practically every computer driven device is connected via USB ports. These are essential access points for printers to attach to desktops laptops. Printer networking capabilities have now advanced and allowed wireless connectivity as well. Connectivity also allows one printer to be shared by many different computer units via Ethernet connection or via wireless. In fact, WiFi and Bluetooth optional connectivity is also available. Cloud Support, Pictbridge and Memory Slots Photo printing function is now becoming a given user requirement. This is why there are models that feature memory card slots for card-to-printer output. Pictbridge feature where images can be printed straight from a camera that connects to the printer. Many models are now featuring cloud storage connectivity as well. Quality and Quantity of Printout And then it will all boil down to what everyone truly wants from printers the basics which are speed and resolution. How fast can the device print? How many printouts the stock cartridges print? How clean and accurate do images look? Conclusion At the end of the day, everything is a matter of preference. For as long as the user knows what the printer is going to be used mostly for and can peg on a cost that is within budget. best printers 2017


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