All You Need To Know About Randomized Clinical Trials

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All You Need To Know About Randomized Clinical Trials A clinical trial is a type of research that is done to check how well a new medical technique, medication or device works. Such trails aim at finding out better ways to diagnose, prevent or treat a particular disease. In the randomized clinical trials, the patients are chosen randomly to receive one of the various clinical interventions. The randomized clinical trials are sometimes also referred as randomized controlled trials. And the three words of this term represent some important elements: Randomized:It refers to the decision that whether the subject in the trial will receive new treatment or the control treatment. Controlled: A control group is used for comparison or reference. The patients in the control group do not get a new treatment; instead, they receive a reference treatment or a placebo. Trial: It conveys the message that the drug is on trial. It will be approved only if the results indicate that there is a level of efficacy. Is randomization important? The answer is "Yes". Randomization is important in order to prevent the bias in the trial results. In the case the decision about choosing the subjects is not taken by random, the scientist and patients can influence the results. For instance, if there is no randomization in the clinical trials, scientists may consciously or sub-consciously assign those patients who are more likely to be benefited from the treatment. It will make the treatment appear more beneficial than it may actually be. On the other hand, if the scientists have a view that the certain treatment is not safe or is ineffective, they may assign the patients who are likely to show lower chances of success and higher risk complications. So, as the knowledge of patients can have an impact on the real results, randomization is important for clinical trials. Thus, the randomized controlled trials have become the gold standard for new medical interventions that needs to be met by all the pharmaceutical companies. They can use these trails to find out the level of safety and efficacy that can be achieved by the drug being experimented. Contact Us Address: 300 South Street A Suite 201, Oxnard, CA, USA 93030 Phone: +1-805-483-1185 Email: Website:

FOMAT Medical Research promotes the participation of Hispanic cancer patients in the clinical trials by providing them with culturally tailored information through videos and booklets. The CROs that need Hispanic participants for their randomized clinical trials can contact FOMAT Medical Research for assistance. 

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