Cornerstone Discovery Enhances Legal Document Processing with PrizmDoc

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© Accusoft Corporation. All rights reserved. | 1 Cornerstone Discovery Enhances Legal Document Processing with PrizmDoc 6-8 months development time saved About Cornerstone Discovery Cornerstone Discovery provides comprehensive criminal and civil litigation support by off ering an all-inclusive solution for strategic consulting and project management as well as innovative software solutions for eDiscovery, digital forensics, litigation, and trial support. Their cloud-based eDiscovery product, JuntoSM, allows legal professionals to securely review, search, and organize large amounts of discovery data. The Challenge While building their eDiscovery solution in 2011, Cornerstone Discovery needed a document viewer. The team had initially decided to develop their own viewer, but soon realized that the viewer needed more functionality than just the ability to display documents. The company knew that if they wanted to ensure a positive user experience, they would Case Study Highlights 8.1 million documents processed 4.2 terabytes of data processed | 2 © Accusoft Corporation. All rights reserved. need to find a way to resolve file size issues with pre-conversion and progressive loading as well as offer additional features such as redaction, annotation, printing, and more. “We initially looked at a few viewers. Some were freeware, which needed a lot of development time to get up with no promise of success,” said Jason Silva, Cornerstone Discovery’s Director of Operations. “Other paid solutions did not have the flexibility we wanted. We wanted a full viewing platform with backend conversion and integration ability without months of development time.” At the time, Cornerstone Discovery was a PHP environment, so they needed a PHP solution that would easily integrate and work on most major browsers. They also wanted to find a solution that did not require the user to install something on their machine in order to use the viewer. This fit into the company’s core belief that their eDiscovery solution should be simple for large law firms with many staff members to use without any major IT issues. How Accusoft Helped Cornerstone Discovery wanted to concentrate their efforts on building a comprehensive eDiscovery solution without spending too much development time on creating a document viewer. After conducting a cost analysis and researching the different viewers available, the team decided to go with Adeptol, an earlier version of Accusoft’s PrizmDoc, as the near-native viewer for their eDiscovery web application, Junto (formerly FlightDeck). CUSTOMER PROFILE Headquarters Philadelphia, PA Industry Legal Founded 2005 Employees 25 Accusoft Customer Since 2011 Business Solution Near-native document viewing and redaction with PrizmDoc “We now rely on [PrizmDoc] to serve millions of pages of documents with Junto users.” —Jason Silva | 3 © Accusoft Corporation. All rights reserved. “At that point, we decided it wasn’t worth us spending months and months of development time trying to build a viewer. That’s why we ultimately went with Adeptol (now PrizmDoc). Their packaged product had already done a lot of the work that we were looking to do,” Silva said.One of the biggest advantages that the early PrizmDoc product offered Cornerstone Discovery was easy integration. The team wanted a robust document viewer that offered the features they needed without increased development time. Integrating PrizmDoc allowed the team to reduce development time while still offering their customers important eDiscovery features like redaction. “[It] was a rather quick solution, a no brainer, that ended up staying with us due to the flexibility of our support team and programmers. As PrizmDoc grew, and it became more stable, document conversions improved with faster viewing and a more reliable backend server,” he added. “We now rely on it to serve millions of pages of documents with Junto users.” The Result Cornerstone Discovery continues to use Accusoft’s PrizmDoc as a near native viewer in Junto. Silva estimates that integrating Accusoft’s product into their initial eDiscovery application instead of developing their own viewer saved the company at least six to eight months of development time, and the redaction feature alone saved them about two to three more months of development. PrizmDoc has also continued to offer additional functionality over time while becoming even easier to integrate with Junto. “PrizmDoc is a really polished, high performing application that integrates great with us. The new RESTful redaction and annotation services are massive time savers. We can now fire off many async batch jobs and just let the server handle all converting and redacting.” —Jason Silva Director of Operations | 4 © Accusoft Corporation. All rights reserved. “Back then we thought it was a better investment to go with [Adeptol] and have the continual updates,” Silva said. “I’m glad we did, because now PrizmDoc is a really polished, high performing application that integrates great with [Junto]… With each new version I can usually get the updated version to production within a week.” Over the years, Cornerstone Discovery has grown with PrizmDoc as the product continues to provide new features that are vital in the world of eDiscovery. Unlike other paid and freeware solutions that the team considered when fi rst launching Junto, PrizmDoc off ers the fl exibility and ease of integration that the company needs to off er an eff ective and easy-to-use eDiscovery platform. About Accusoft Accusoft off ers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools created for developers. Our APIs and software development kits (SDKs) are built using patented technology, providing high performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development. Founded in 1991, Accusoft is focused on solving document lifecycle complexities through a customer-focused approach, continuous product development, proactive support, and forward-thinking leadership. 4001 North Riverside Drive Tampa, FL 33603 USA +1 800 875 7009 Cornerstone Discovery’s Junto platform

Cornerstone Discovery wanted their eDiscovery product to do more than just display documents. PrizmDoc helped them do just that.

Our latest blog post highlights how Cornerstone Discovery used PrizmDoc to create a more positive user experience for their eDiscovery product, JuntoSM while saving six to eight months of development time.

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