Exploring Different Types of Wood Decking Materials Online

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Exploring Different Types of Wood Decking Materials Online The type of wood that you choose will determine the overall appeal, quality, durability, and longevity of your deck. Remember that your deck will be a crucial outdoor area for your home, so you need to choose the right wood decking materials online. Some builders recommend pine that has been pressure-treated to resist pests and rotting, but there are certain types of pesticide- treated lumber that may be unsafe in the long run due to the harmful chemicals in it. If you want to build an attractive and durable deck, go for durable hardwood like ipe, tigerwood, garapa, and cumaru. Ipe is highly recommended if you want the highest-quality South American hardwood. It is rated for superior resistance to rotting and bugs, and the hardness of this wood makes it so durable that it is almost difficult to burn (like concrete). Ipe wood decking is dense and extremely heavy, making it ideal for one of the sturdiest structures in your home. These features make it suitable for use with slate and stone accents, too. Ipe wood is also known for being slip-resistant and for its ability to resist mold and fungus as well as repel heat. However, if you want to buy ipe wood decking, be sure to look for a source that ensures responsible harvesting. Cumaru is also known as 'Brazilian teak' and is another high-quality choice for wood decking among Brazilian hardwoods. This wood can be an alternative to ipe if you want an extremely durable and hard deck that can last for more than 20 years. Cumaru is naturally biodegradable, too, and it can be a more environmentally friendly choice because it is renewable and grows faster than ipe. Garapa is a type of Brazilian oak that is recommended if you want wood decking in a lighter hue. You can buy garapa wood decking materials online in forms like handrails and 4-by-4 posts. The wood can go well with other hardwoods of a darker or richer color, like ipe and cumaru to achieve a unique look. Decks that are made with garapa can resist water damage, decay, and insects, and can last at least 25 years. Tigerwood, like Cumaru, is naturally biodegradable and can be purchased at a lower price. Hence, it can be a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly alternative to other hardwoods. You can purchase tigerwood as grooved decking, lumber, tongue and groove decking, or as S4S decking. Tigerwood is usually yellow-brown or bronze, with irregular dark lines, so it adds an exotic character to your deck. It is heavy, closely-grained, and hard, and it is able to resist water. About the Author: This article is written by Bruce Master. He gained an interest in woodworking at an early age. Bruce Master started working with contractors in the 1970s as a salesman at Ace Hardware in Miami. Over the years he discovered and fell in love with Brazilian woods. He has built decks, docks and specialty items using many of the Brazilian woods. Today, Bruce loves his job as Operations Manager for ABS Wood, a Brazilian wood retailer.

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