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THE ART OF HEALTHCARE INNOVATION INSIGHTS FROM PIONEERS WHAT IF YOU HAD A CRYSTAL BALL THAT REVEALED THE FUTURE OF THE HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE? Wouldn't you want that ball? Think of how that information could boost your success and impact your future. You could be on the cutting-edge of change and reap the rewards. WHO'S BEHIND REVEALING THIS CRYSTAL BALL? Christina D. Warner, healthcare innovator and marketing strategist, conducted over 200 interviews. She collected candid answers from global giants, pioneers, leaders and innovators. Most were scientists, physicians, inventors, thought-leaders, cofounders and executives. Their fascinating and shocking discoveries will shape and create Healthcare 2.0 into the next decade. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR: Entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and consumers who understand the need for strategic agility. Those who want to plan a future in the healthcare industry. Those who want to avoid failed businesses. Those who want to prepare for new trends and reap the reward of a competitive advantage. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: What the future of the healthcare industry looks like How to recession-proof your career Where to find healthcare business and career opportunities How to pitch venture capitalists and where to find them How to ask the right questions How to prepare for environmental uncertainties How to prepare for disruptive innovations The first step of the patient journey is awareness. The patient self assess and make the initial contact with the health system AWARENESS "We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something." - Marie Curie Dr. Sina Habibi CEO of Cognetivity Neurosciences "Platform technology for early, rapid and easy detection of dementia" Dennis Grishin Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Nebula Genomics "The future of private and secure DNA testing. Understand your genes. Own your data. Contribute to medical breakthroughs and get rewarded" DIAGNOSIS The second step of the patient journey is diagnosis. The patient is assessed at the hospital through a variety of tests "I'm fascinated by the idea that genetics is digital. A gene is a long sequence of coded letters, like computer information. Modern biology is becoming very much a branch of information technology. " - Richard Dawkins Dr. Jack Regan CEO and founder of LexaGene "Our breakthrough technology will transform how pathogens are detected and deliver results in about an hour" Dr. Jean P. Gelinas MD CEO of Xerus Medical "Merging traditional patient histories with biometrics to objectively evaluate surgical fitness" Charlie Silver CEO and co-founder of Mission Bio "Transforming Single-Cell DNA Analysis" Trevor Martin Co-founder and CEO of Mammoth Biosciences "The CRISPR-based platform for disease detection" TREATMENT The third step of the patient journey is treatment. The patient receives the prescribed treatment for his or her condition. "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." - Galileo Michael Bancroft Executive Producer and Co-Host of Globalive Media's Beyond Innovation "Experienced Tech Journalist takes viewers "Beyond Innovation" with insider's look at technology's top changemakers around the world" Dr. Andr Choulika CEO and Chairman of Cellectis "A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing the Next-Generation CAR T-Cells to cure cancer" Deborah C. Beidel, Ph.D., ABPP Founder and Director of UCF RESTORES, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense "A multi-disciplinary team to provide cutting-edge treatment for trauma and stress-related disorders" Robert S. Kellar, Ph.D Chief Science Officer at Axolotl Biologix "An innovative biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine through research, technology and clinical application" undefinedONGOING CARE The last step of the patient journey is ongoing and proactive care. The patient will manage his or her care in between doctor visits. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead Morris Miller CEO of Xenex "UV disinfection with pulsed Xenon to Combat Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)" David S. Williams III CEO of Care3 "HIPAA-compliant mobile communications and tracking platform for people impacted by social determinants of health" Warren Whitlock- Director at CoinAgenda (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investing Conference) Block Chain Influencer and Social Media Early Adopter "Focuses on blockchain investing trends, with world-class speakers from around the globe" undefinedCONCLUSION Successful leaders need to anticipate where the markets are going. Disruption is a wealth creation opportunity. Leaders who are open to innovative ideas, and to learning how and where to look for ideas, will thrive. Don't get locked out of this market because you lack the knowledge on how and where to find solutions. Expand your view and increase the odds that you will see important trends before your competition. Disruptive innovation theory should be a key component in all strategist's toolkits. To learn more about The Art of Healthcare Innovation visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Christina is a healthcare marketer at a top Fortune 100 and help grew the provider pull-through initiatives and implementation process. She plays a critical role in tactical marketing with disease states such as Neurology, Multiple Sclerosis, Gastroenterology, Pulmonary and Bleeding disorders. Christina is a writer for Authority Magazine and Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. She is known for her thought pieces on the intersection of cutting-edge healthcare, marketing innovation and executive interviews. Her series includes "Big Ideas That Can Change the World" "The Future of Healthcare" and "Lessons with Leaders" and she has been quoted in many national publications. Christina received her MBA at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, where she earned a concentration on healthcare sector management (HSM).

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Christina D. Warner is an author of upcoming book The Art of Healthcare Innovation, and a healthcare marketer at a Top Fortune 500. She has extensive marketing and healthcare experience ranging from academic institutions, medical devices, international project management and healthcare technology, and has worked internationally in Taiwan, Israel and China. She has an MBA in Health Care Management from Duke Business School, and has innovated commercially for Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, Veniti (now Boston Scientific) and Goldman Sachs. Christina is a Thrive Global and Authority Magazine contributor and has been quoted in several national publications. To preorder, visit

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Christina is a writer for Authority Magazine and Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global. She is known for her thought pieces on the intersection of cutting-edge healthcare, marketing innovation and executive interviews. Her series includes "Big Ideas That Can Change the World" "The Future of Healthcare" and "Leaders of Healthcare" and she has been quoted in many national publications.


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