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A Sacred Land of Makkah | Five Star Hotels in Makkah A journey begins when a person calls his people and asks them to believe him and accept the existence of Allah if they trust him. Every one refused but obviously they have trusted him their whole life. There was a point to ponder that the most trustworthy person of the town was asking to accept Allah's existence and ruling? Coming to the conclusion few of them accepted what he said and entered to the path of righteousness. The person was none other than our beloved Prophet (PBUH); it was the day when he invited people towards the path of Allah. The journey to walk on the right path was not quite easy because people were blaming him and many wanted to kill him. He stood firm on his point and claimed never tried to run from the situation. His enemies were behind but he stayed firm on the path of righteousness. Now when you claim that your circumstances are taking you away from speaking truth is completely unacceptable. A person who could have murdered anytime led the truth anyway. Being his follower, one should always step into the path of truthfulness despite circumstances. Harmayn Hotels is at your service for cheap and affordable hotel booking options. Check out our list of Five Star Hotels in Makkah. Book any of the Luxury Hotels in Makkah of your choice and enjoy the royal trip to Makkah and Madina. We are providing royal treatment to our customers. Choose facilities and necessities of your own choice. Stay in the hotel that is near most to the haram. For any assistance regarding booking procedure or suggestions on hotels, contact our team at anytime and they will respond quick to your queries. Don't forget to write us your feedback and let us feel your presence by coming back to our amazing platform.

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