Wide Plank Flooring Eight Reasons You Must Consider For Your Interior!

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Chestnut Floors 207 W Ashby-Ellis Rd, Oakland, MD, USA Page 1 Wide Plank Flooring: Eight Reasons You Must Consider For Your Interior! According to experts, one of the most important finishing touches that you have to decide while building your house is the type of flooring you will be using. Luckily, there are number different options available when it comes to choosing the material you want for your home's flooring and among them one of the best choices that you can make is the wide plank flooring. If you are not really aware of the various benefits that this flooring option can give you then this post is for you. Read on as I, on behalf of Chestnutfloors will be sharing some great benefits that you must consider. Let’s get started. Exquisite Looking Interior Wide Plank Flooring: Eight Reasons You Must Consider For Your Interior!  This flooring option is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing varieties to go for. Charm, warmth, comfort, elegance - these are just some of the words that would pop up in one's mind when it comes to wide plank floor. The floors that use wide planks will undoubtedly give off an air of subdued charm and elegance. Apart from that, walking on these wooden floors is very comfortable on the feet.  This option is definitely one of the most durable ones and lasts longer. Anyway, one great benefit is that wooden floors do not look worn out as time passes unlike with other types of flooring. Instead, they continue to look beautiful and timeless. Also, if the wooden floor is using wider planks then they will anyway be very tough and durable so you are assured that your flooring will last for a very long time.  This flooring option is very easy to install. Wooden floors that use wide planks are among the most common do-it-yourself type of flooring. Many homeowners have installed their own wide plank floor in their houses because they are very easy to install. Chestnut Floors 207 W Ashby-Ellis Rd, Oakland, MD, USA Page 2 The wider the plank, the fewer the number of planks needs to cover the floor, therefore the shorter the amount of time needed to complete the project. Give Your Interior The Best Look Possible  The wide plank is also very easy to clean. You can effortlessly remove dust and dirt even without the use of toxic products. It’s a fact that dirt tends to build up in the grooves and in between the planks. But with the wider planks, you will get fewer grooves available for the dirt to accumulate in.  Unlike other types of floors, wood floors are much more healthy and do not contain allergens and in fact, it helps to limit the usual allergens that can be found in one's home like dust and animal fluff, allowing you to have a healthier living space.  The flooring idea will give you a wide array of choice. Now, you could choose from many different types of wood and many different shades of wood that would suit your taste. This gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to designing your home.  Another fact is that houses that have a wood plank floor are often valued higher than houses that use other types of flooring. Using wooden floors not only gives you all the above benefits, it can also be an excellent investment if you plan to sell your house in the future. Chestnut Floors 207 W Ashby-Ellis Rd, Oakland, MD, USA Page 3 The Wide Plank Variety  Lastly, the wide plank flooring can not only give your house a higher market value, wooden floors also make your house easier to sell. Since it makes your house look timeless and beautiful, many house buyers are easily charmed by houses with wood plank floor. Where You Can Find Them? So looking forward to have wide plank flooring in your new house? Well, it will surely give your interior a great visual appeal and enhance the overall look of the house. At chestnutfloors.com we can give you reclaimed wood like oak, wormy chestnut planks and more. Just visit our lumber yard or mill today and explore all our offerings today. For more related information, visit the website or give us a call at 1-301-334-3180 today!

According to experts, wide plank flooring is one of the best choices for your interior. But why believe us only? Read on these facts to know more!


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