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Picking Out The Best Snow Chains For You Car Now that the winter season is coming one of the most important things you need to secure for your car are snow chains. The snow chains are responsible for giving your car traction especially when you are encountering the worst conditions in the snow. Snow chains are also called tire chains are cables or chains that can be easily fitted to the tired of vehicles in order to add more traction when traveling through snow or icy roads. You can find them in a variety of styles and sizes. You can choose by how easy you want the chains to attach to the amount of complexity to attach the tire and the style of attachment. Types of snow chains you can get There is no perfect snow chain, but if you have to choose the best snow chains out there, you will need to choose one that is a perfect fit for your tires. You should also consider where you will be going and what road you will be traveling on. There are different styles of snow chains that you can pick from and these will depend on the type of tire you have and the road you will travel on. First is the diamond style, this is named after the diamond pattern that it creates on the tires right after you install it. These types of chains ensure that you have a comfortable ride with the lowest amount of vibration and noise. These can give you the maximum traction and the minimum amount of braking distance as well as skidding. Mostly, diamond pattern chains are highly recommended for ABS as well as traction control systems. You dont have to worry about installing them because it is easy and you dont need to jack up or even move your vehicle. Then you have the link style chain which creates a straight across thread like pattern. This serves as a paddle through the snowy road. You can find that they are the oldest types of designs and that they are very reliable. These chains weight half of the diamond pattern chains. However they can be very noisy but are very common as well. The chains are made up of linked chains that are also easy to install. You will need to install the chain by raising your car. Cable styles on the other hand are one of the most economical chains. They are very quiet and are also the easiest to install compared to the previous ones. They have the same design with the link style chain that also creates a paddle effect pattern on the road. They are light and can give good traction as well. What you need to remember about snow chains is that they should be attached to the wheels of the vehicle. They are commonly sold in pairs and should be bought to match the tread width and the size-tire diameter that your car has. It is important that you add additional grabbing power to the tires of your car especially when your pushing through snow and ice. Snow and ice roads can be very slippery and dangerous which is why you will definitely need the extra protection. best snow chains


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