Let your dreams take a flight of comfort through Aeromexico Airlines

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MARGIE'S TRAVEL1 M Aeromexico Airlines L e t y o u r d r e a m s t a k e a f l i g h t o f c o m f o r t t h r o u g h A e r o m e x i c o A i r l i n e s MARGIE'S TRAVEL2 M Let your dreams take a flight of comfort through Aeromexico Airlines A e r o m e x i c o A i r l i n e i s t h e f l a g c a r r i e r a i r l i n e o f M e x i c o w h o s e h e a d q u a r t e r i s s i t u a t e d i n M e x i c o C i t y . I t o p e r a t e s m o r e t h a n 9 0 d e s t i n a t i o n s i n M e x i c o ; N o r t h , S o u t h a n d C e n t r a l A m e r i c a ; t h e C a r i b b e a n , E u r o p e a n d A s i a . T h e o n - b o a r d c r e w a t t h i s a i r l i n e i s k n o w n t o b e t h e b e s t p r o f e s s i o n a l s d e l i v e r i n g t h e b e s t s e r v i c e s t o i t s f l i e r s . W i t h a m p l e o f o p p o r t u n i t i e s , y o u c a n u n i q u e l y e x p l o r e t h e w h o l e n e w w o r l d . P l a n y o u r n e x t d e s t i n a t i o n t h r o u g h A e r o m e x i c o A i r l i n e s . Yo u g e t e x c l u s i v e o f f e r s a n d d e a l s o n y o u r b o o k i n g t o o . R e a d o n t h e b l o g t o k n o w a b o u t t h e g e n e r o u s s e r v i c e s y o u g e t w h i l e m a k i n g t h e j o u r n e y : MARGIE'S TRAVEL3 M MARGIE'S TRAVEL4 M PREMIUM SERVICES OF AEROMEXICO AIRLINES Aeromexico is a renowned air travel carrier. It offers outstanding guest hospitality with over 600 hours of in-flight entertainment and competitive fares. Experience economy and other classes for your better journey. New services let you choose a specific seat when booking your trip. Whether you are traveling alone, or want to travel seated next to one another as a family or group. You get fine and worth it services when you book your journey through Aeromexico Reservations. MARGIE'S TRAVEL5 M Aeromexico Economy Class, for a comfortable journey • Experience unparalleled services in every class in your journey. Whether you fly in economy class or premium economy class, the service is beyond comparison. Let’s check out the cabin classes: · Economy Class Relish a warm menu on all flights, extensive collection of free movies, TV series and music. The entertaining journey helps you fly by time onboard your flight. Stay updated with free messaging and Wi-Fi. · Premium Economy Class Take advantage of the benefits of Premium Economy Class (AM Plus) offering extra legroom, overhead storage bins, priority boarding, check-in and baggage. Also, on top of that a Salon Premier and Heineken Terrace access (for a special rate.) To avail special offers on your booking, make your early booking through Aeromexico Airlines Reservations. MARGIE'S TRAVEL6 M Delicious food and beverages for your appetite • · Meal Options • The airline offers its passengers with menus and meals for a truly unforgettable flying experience. For Flights 3 hours or less, fliers are offered items from the bakery, nuts, cookies and other snacks. For flights between 3 and 6 hours in length, fliers will enjoy warn meals. The serv ices o f Aeromex ico a lso inc ludes l ip -smack ing cu is ines and beverages . I t i s de l i ve r ing an un fo rge t tab le f l y ing exper ience fo r you and your loved ones . Here a re the th ings you ge t : MARGIE'S TRAVEL7 M • For international flights, and medium-to-long-haul flights where the duration is long enough travelers can pre- order a special meal to meet their appetite requirements. The meals must be ordered at least 48 hours before take-off through Aeromexico Airlines. The following is a list of the special meals available: • Vegetarian • Diabetic • Soft Food Diet • Kids Meal • Kosher • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian • Gluten-Free • Seafood · Specia l D ie tary Requi rements MARGIE'S TRAVEL8 M • Aeroméxico Drinks & Alcohol All beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are complimentary. Alcoholic refreshment will be served after 11 am, including beer, wine and Mexico’s most famous spirit; tequila. Soft drinks are also complimentary and include hot teas and coffees and cold drinks such as juices. • For an easy and comfortable journey, make your next destination journey unforgettable through Aeromexico Reservations. Get impressive offers and deals on your booking. MARGIE'S TRAVEL9 M THANK YOU h t t p s : / / a i r l i n e s r e s e r v a t i o n . o r g / Aeromexico Airlines +1 (877) 926-0222 info@airlinesreservation.org

Get a variety of signature travel experiences with innovative service offerings like Inflight entertainment, renowned chefs and many more through Aeromexico Airlines.

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