Creative Ways of Lead Generation

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Creative Ways of Lead Generation Gone are the days when business would send a hundred thousand spam emails and expect a to generate a thousand clicks leading to at least 300 leads. The internet and way people make a purchase itself has undergone a sea-change. Today’s prospective customers are better informed and have learned to check reviews and even Google to find out competition and prices offered. Often times one sees customers discuss a product on Facebook and in a few minutes, product drawbacks if any, are exposed. With a change in times, marketing experts too need to upgrade and change their strategies to generate genuine leads. Creative ways of Lead Generation is new marketing mantra. Before you begin lead generation, know your target customer Sending out a blind email, posting a product picture on social media no longer works – at least, not in enough numbers to justify the effort. So, before you take the first step in lead generation, know your customer. Is your customer a young person, a Do-it-yourself person, a female, a male, an elderly person, a person with a fare complexion, a person with a dark complexion, a rich person, a disabled person, a middle-class person, or, a young person just starting a career and so forth? Answers to these questions will reveal your real customer. Once you know who your customer is, planning your lead generation tactic is easy and making the advert attractive to that customer will generate a lot of leads. Making a video to generate quality leads If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more. A sleek, professionally done high-quality video can capture the hearts and minds of prospective customers. Every customer that reacts to it is a prospective lead. Every ‘thumbs up’, every icon clicked, every comment is lead. Have your staff send out individual offers to each of them. You don’t need to know their phone numbers or their email ids. Simply use the tools provided by the social media to make the contact. It will be a tedious process for sure, but very rewarding. To begin with, you aren’t working in the dark. You know who these people are and what they have appreciated or said about the product in the video. Tailor your response accordingly. Think from the customer’s point of view If this is tough, have a friend who is not in Business and who matches your target customer profile; look at your product and your terms. Address safety issues and customer concerns. One of the reasons Amazon is successful is because product returns are so easy and requires just a button click. Yes, sometime a customer might return the product because they don’t like it and the seller loses the freight and packing cost. But these are minor compared to the volume sales generated. So, when you send out an emailer, post a product picture or video, ensure the customer concerns are addressed. Making it a zero-risk game for the customer will generate a ton of leads. StaffCloud Technical Support: +91 9326311511 Find Us On:

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