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Global Education Network of Young Europeans Application form for participants of GLEN MTC 2018 Page 1 of 3 Application file - Personal Data of the Applicant Contact of the GLEN Member Organisation Closing date Phone: Email: Website: Address: Applications have to be sent in by email by 24th January 2018 to globalno@zavod- To be filled in by the applicant To be filled in by the selection committee Personal data Surname, first name Read: Date of birth Nationality Postal address Result: Street and number Code, Town Accepted Phone (Fax) Successor Email Rejected Country Federal state/region I am interested in the following internship(s) Comment: Host country Internship title Host Country Internship title Signatures of committee members: Statement of Data Security I agree that in case of admission to the GLEN my personal data is submitted to all relevant offices (Foreign Office, Ministries, Embassies and competent authorities in my home country and the host country) as far as my right to privacy is not violated. Place & date Signature Global Education Network of Young Europeans Application form for participants of GLEN MTC 2018 Page 2 of 3 Language Skills and Multiplier's Training Cycle What are your language skills (including your mother tongue)? Language Level Learned where? Practical experience? Certificate? (Enclose as a copy) Will you be able to improve your language skills before the programme starts, if necessary? Availability for the Internship Please indicate here the times where you are available for the internship. Please consider your availability while selecting the internships you are interested in. anytime between July and October 2018 only July-September 2018 only August-October 2018 only from September 2018 Other please specify Full participation in the GLEN Multiplier's Training Cycle By submitting this application, you declare you have no other obligations, which might interfere with your participation in the GLEN cycle. This applies in particular to your full attendance to both Multipliers Training Seminars (dates as stated in the catalogue on the internet as well as the programme's posters and leaflets). Where did you learn about GLEN? Global Education Network of Young Europeans Application form for participants of GLEN MTC 2018 Page 3 of 3 Required attachments In order for your application to be complete, please enclose the following attachments to the application form. Please make sure that both the Application form and the attachments have your name and surname in the title of the file. Please send them in pdf format.. 1. Curriculum Vitae Please, use the Europass CV format - you can download it at 2. Motivation letter The motivation letter should be max. 2 pages long and cover the following questions: Why are you applying to GLEN? Why are you interested in joining GLEN? Why are you interested in Global Learning? What kind of experience(s) have you already had with Global Education/Learning? What advantages do you see in the European dimension of GLEN? Your personal engagement What issues of global interdependencies or intercultural topics have you already dealt with? Do you consider yourself an active citizen? Are you actively involved in any field: eg community development, volunteering, NGOs, political parties, students' organisations etc.? Global Education training What would you like to learn during the seminars of the GLEN multipliers training cycle (eg. what topics of global education would you like to explore, what skills would you like to learn)? How can you contribute to the Global Education training and practice? The internship and your personal development Which of your skills and experiences could be helpful during the internship phase? Do you see any space for your personal development during the internship phase? In what sense? Global Education Activities What kind of global education activities do you plan to carry out? How would you like to use your internship experience in your Global Education Activities? Previous stays abroad within and outside Europe of more than four weeks Please comment on year, host country, duration in months, reasons and outcome. Feel free to refer to these travels when answering questions 2 and 3!


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