Historical Markers in Comanche County Texas

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COMANCHE COUNTY TEXAS HISTORICAL MARKERS IN COMANCHE COUNTY AMITY CEMETERY When 14-year-old Charles Farley died in Feb. 1878, his parents buried him near their farmhouse, as this frontier locality had no cemetery at the time. COMANCHE COUNTY HISTORICAL MARKER First settled in 1854 by five families, the county, created and organized 1856, was named for Comanche Indians, Lords of Texas frontier, who were losing hunting grounds to settlers. COMANCHE NATIONAL BANK The Comanche National Bank The Comanche National Bank was organized in December 1889 with beginning capital of $50,000. GENERAL ASHBEL SMITH Born in Connecticut. Graduated at 19 from Yale. Studied medicine in France, where friends were Revolutionary War hero Lafayette and inventor Samuel F. COMANCHE CHIEF Army engineers laid out a military road in this area in 1850. By 1855 thirty to forty families had settled in the vicinity. Comanche County was created in 1856, and Comanche became the second county seat in 1859. CAPTAIN JAMES CUNNINGHAM 1855 exas Ranger Captain James Cunningham Born in Alabama, settled in Comanche County, 1855. Commander of Texas Ranger Company stationed in Comanche County, 1858. KNOW MORE VISIT US! Website: www.visitcomanchecountytx.com

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