The #1 Choice in Cache County Extermination Services

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The #1 Choice in Cache County Extermination Services When pests invade your home or business, you want them gone and gone now. That’s why you should call on an exterminator you can trust. In Utah, Legacy Pest Control has the experts that are available 24/7 to deal with unwanted insects, spiders, and rodents. Dealing with pests in your Cache County home? Let us get that problem under control and keep it that way. Legacy is the Top Choice for Cache County Pest Control Legacy Pest Control specializes in the effective and safe pest control at a price you can afford. It’s our mission to serve Utah customers this way. We’re a family-owned business with friendly knowledgeable technicians and over 15 years of experience in pest control services Cache County. We use green products that are safe and family and pet-friendly. In most cases you won’t have to leave your home during treatment. Whether you’re there or away we’ll get the job done. We arrive on time and respect your home. Our products don’t stain carpets and curtains and we know how to protect them. We provide pest control in both commercial>and residential properties, including single- family homes and apartments. 1/3 Our services are fully guaranteed, 4-6 weeks for one-time treatment and continuously for quarterly service. >We have the right tools for the job. Different pests call for different treatments, and we know which to use in each situation. We have the right answer to your problem. With Legacy, you can be confident the work is done correctly. What Services Does Legacy Pest Control Offer? We’re not just a specialist in one kind of problem. While we don’t deal with large animals such as raccoons, we offer treatments for a huge variety of pest management needs. Services include: Bed bugs pest control. We’re the bed bugs exterminator who can make this problem a thing of the past Termite pest control and ant pest control for sweet ants, odorous ants and all other kinds Cockroach pest control Wasp and hornet pest control Elimination of earwigs, >silverfish>, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, mosquitoes, beetles, moths, crickets and >boxelder bugs. Control of small rodents such as mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. We’ll get them out and keep them from getting back in. Arbojet tree injections to treat insects, fungi and nutritional deficiency. Removal of problem birds. We love birds when they’re away from your structures where they belong, but we’ll stop them from nesting on or damaging your home or office building. One time treatment for your immediate problem. We also provide (and recommend) a quarterly maintenance plan to keep pests away continuously. Tailored treatment plans to meet the specific needs on your property. 24/7 emergency pest control service. Call Today for Pest Extermination! 2/3 Bugged Out?! Legacy is the Top Choice for Cache County Pest Control Don’t let invaders compromise the enjoyment and the value of your home or business property. Contact Legacy Pest Control for a free inspection. We provide an estimate over the phone. When we’ve evaluated your property we’ll consult with you and recommend a treatment plan. Take advantage of our military discount or use one of our coupons. Today is the day to stop worrying about pests and start letting us take care of your extermination needs. 3/3

Legacy Pest Control specializes in the effective and safe pest control at a price you can afford.

About LegacyPestControlUtah

Legacy Pest Control is a family-owned business, conveniently located in Ogden, Utah. Legacy Pest Control has been serving Northern Utah in the Weber, Davis and Morgan area for over 15 years. We offer an array of pest control services including, spiders, ants, bed bugs, termites, rodents, voles, roaches, earwigs, moths, beetles, cockroaches, snakes and more to residential and commercial customers. Legacy Pest Control Utah knows who keeps us in business, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority! Our tried and true Utah pest control methods are safe, effective, and guaranteed! If you have special needs or requests for your treatment plan, we are also happy to tailor a treatment plan especially for you.


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