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OnTask all-in-one contract automation solution that enables all stakeholders to follow the contract or document through its entire lifecycle: from contract/document creation, to online editing, tracking versions, and acquiring approvals and signatures. Features Advantages Benefits Because it has... You will be able to... What that means to you is... Online Based Redlining Perform document changes, negotiation and versioning entirely online. Gone are the days of endless, back-and-forth emailing of MS-Word documents clogging the in-box and the risk and fear of executing the wrong version of a contract Editing Revise document formatting and alignment, add/ delete lists, tables, links, etc. No more downloading and uploading documents to make simple changes Track Changes Know what changes were done, when and by whom. Gain visibility into all changes made to the contract, including who has taken any action, what actions were taken, and the date the actions were taken. Accept/Reject Changes Mark the document with what has been added, changed, removed, approved or rejected. Eliminate the problem of rogue edits slipping by unnoticed. Accept or reject all changes to the document. Comment Add, edit, reply or delete comments on the change request in real time. Easily leave comments about the document within workflow; no additional emails required. Versioning Every version is tracked and saved automatically You have access to the version history of a document and see which person made specific changes, comments and deletions in each version. Notifications Ensure all parties are following the process with real-time emails and in-app alerts. No more emailing reminders and asking for task status, notifications are automatically sent via the workflow for deadlines and reminders. Digital Signature Collect secure, legally binding e-signatures without printing and scanning and without another vendor No need for an additional vendor and cost. Digital signatures are compliant with the ESIGN Act and include a digital signature certificate so you never have to worry about the legality of your signatures. Workflow Automatically route documents and forms to the next step of the workflow Keep your staff focused on strategies that impact the bottom line by automating non- value added activities like chasing down paperwork and routing approvals to various departments. Workflow Designer Create, preview and launch workflows that meet your unique business needs. Your team can build workflows with zero coding or IT required. Dashboard Gain complete end-to-end visibility to the entire workflow so you always know at what step the process is at. With one quick glance, you can easily see which workflows are in progress and which workflows are completed; unclogging your inbox of "What's the status?" emails. Web Forms Create, preview, and publish web-forms that include a variety of field types in multi-column layouts. Eliminate the need to print and scan PDF forms or paper documents. With web forms, just enter the data and send. CRM Integration Start and/or end the workflow from your CRM Access all relevant customer data without leaving the CRM itself and reduce manual data entry and potential errors with Salesforce and Infor integration. Document Managment Integration Automatically route documents and forms into the data management system Reduce manual entry and potential errors with SharePoint and DropBox integration User Permissions Define access controls for each user and group. Ensure compliance with your policies and procedures with specific user permissions.

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From document automation to workflow management, OnTask automates all aspects of your processes.


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