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The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 1 The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way Text selection from the Word of God1 on this topic (Translated by I.A.) … When I live your house, the sign will remain and you will wear this sign as Isaac Lachedem, who did not receive Me when I went on Golgotha and that man will come short of all My things. Oh, My people, here is the desolation. This thing is written in the holy book: «And when the desolation of abomination comes in the holy place and swallows many of My disciples, then the end is coming.» You know this sign through the dead who die and through the sick people from hospitals. … Oh, My beloved people that I wanted to have a future for in heaven, to make out of you holy disciples and martyrs, and what God did through John and His people from the beginning! It is written in the book that when the desolation comes into the holy place you know that the king- dom of God has already come. And the kingdom of God does not come through drunkards; it does not come through fornicators; it does not come through blasphemers or traitors; rather it comes through Christians and good deeds. You will see it with your own eyes before you and if you are worthy, you will enter for the door will open and will stand aside and you will hear a fatherly voice: «Come you good servant so that I may serve you!». Excerpt from God’s Word, from 25-05-1978. *** Peace and blessing and a spirit of joy with the heaven, for the heaven is a guest here. This is a day of testimony. Glory and joy in those above, and celebration of peace from God upon you, for you are witnesses on this day, in this blessed and clean place. There are angelic choruses here and they sing: «Glory to the Holy and to the One of a single being and life of the creating and inseparable Trinity from now on to eternity!». Amen. Blessed be the kingdom of the Most Holy Trinity, of My Father and of His Son and of the Holy Spirit, threefold working. Peace to you! I am here. I am the Word for the Word is God. I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the beginning and the end. I am the new beginning of those that believe in Me, for I come with a visible glory upon Romania. It is written that I will come again, and here, I work by the word and I announce My kingdom. The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. The heart of My believers is My heaven and the clean and undefiled body is God’s bedding, (See the selection topic: „The heaven – the throne, the earth – the footstool: the man deified”, red. note2.), and behold, I am worn by those that are Mine, and I am with the word through them, for this is God; He is through the prophets; He is through the bearers of God. My word works in this place and all are worked out by the word of God during these days, for there come the days of heavenly glory and the days that the prophets of all times wrote about. Romania is the country of the brightness which will appear from God upon the peoples, for this is its choice and it will 1 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 2 Redactor (editor) note The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 2 wear a name of a New Jerusalem and of an Eden, blessed among the nations. I, the Lord, pro- claimed this mystery by the prophets and I fulfill nothing without announcing it beforehand. (See selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan3”, r.n.). Behold, the Spirit of the Most Holy Trinity is coming down now and I bless this beginning. Let this rock, which is set now by My witness Ioan-Irineu4, be blessed and be a rock of foundation of the righteous and wakeful ones, for he will sit on the chair of My church and will speak out My clean and holy laws, for he is the witness of My work in this time. Blessing, eternal myrrh and a heavenly anointment upon this place of testimony all over the ages, as in this time God has been working in Romania by the word, and the word, which flows from God into the midst of this chose people, will be perfected. Blessed are you, My faithful wit- nesses, who have sit in counsel with My word on this day of testimony, and behold, we will quickly finish this stone, and then I will be with you to all the margins of the world, and I will be by the word and work out miracles greater than those at that time, as I spoke then. I am the Lord of the powers upon the heaven and the earth, and there is no God beside Me, and I will achieve My perfection upon the nations, as in the heaven so on the earth. Blessed are you, who will work this holy place. May your heart, hand, power, love and time be blessed, for I bring the time under your submission, and we will get out soon above all the powers from the earth; we will get out by this new beginning, delivered by a godly commandment. Peace to you and rejoice as My Father is coming with His kingdom! And behold, My kingdom is in you and all the nations, which will see the glory of this work of living stone and you beside it, will know. This is what I told to My apostle: «Go into all the world, and preach the kingdom of the heavens, and he who believes and is baptized will be saved. Go and proclaim the peace into every town you enter, and if you are received, My peace shall remain upon that town». And behold a heavenly mystery upon Romania, a fathomless mystery, a sealed and unsealed mystery, for Andrew, the first one called to the apostleship, came on the land of this people, and he was clean with his body; he was undefiled and he came and brought the faith and the baptism of the faith upon Romania, and he was the first one called of Jesus Christ, and so, Romania is the first one that is called, and this way the Christian Romania was born; that way was its birth and the Lord named it, the queen upon the earth, and behold, the time is coming that God may be glorified over it and for Him to put mystery of righteousness upon it, for it is chosen and 3 You can also see on: lem---The-New-Canaan the-new-canaan/ 4 Irineu Bistriţeanul, Bishop, r.n. The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 3 is a queen over the nations. This is the choice of this earth and it is written into the Book of the Truth that the Lord will choose Jerusalem again and it will be a New Jerusalem. This land is holy and if it is holy, behold, the time is coming that the Lord shall establish Himself upon it to fulfill His promises written for this time. The Spirit of the Most Holy Trinity is working by the word in Romania, and God’s holy people speak the word of God, being moved by the Holy Spirit, for this is what the Lord speaks in the book coming down from heaven: «In those days I will pour out My Spirit and your sons and daughters, old men and young man, servants and handmaids, will prophesy and will speak from God» and the word of God will become flesh, for the Lord said it was done; and the Lord is through the prophets and the Lord says and then fulfills it. Romania is prophesied about by God’s proph- ets and it shall be the new and righteous Zion; it will be the Canaan of the fullness of times; it will be the end of Babylon, lawlessness and defilement, for God’s heaven shall be in a visible glory upon this earth and it shall burn all the defilement which splashed the garment of the daughter of the chosen New Zion, towards the end of the time of lawlessness, and it shall no longer be any defilement, abomination and fornication, and it shall no longer be idol worshipping and unbelief; and nothing unclean shall enter it anymore, and the Lord will take out of it those that are hypocrites, and those that are foreign to the truth and those that go astray. And this mountain will be raised above all the heights on the earth for the Lord will make His law come down to the one that is chosen, clean and holy, for the one that is righteous; as I will come down and proclaim the word, and the word will work and cleanse all the filth on it, and no one shall enter its gates but only those that are clean, pure and holy. And this land will be a new Eden, a holy kingdom, a beginning of a heavenly kingdom, a beginning of a new heaven and new earth, and from this new begin- ning, God’s light and life will be spread out, as countless multitudes shall flow to listen to the wisdom that will work upon the sons and daughters of this chosen people. And it shall flow a spring of justice, a spring of love and resurrection from the midst of this holy land, and this shall be the spring of life, the spring which flows from the midst of the city and which will turn into the streams of living waters through the New Jerusalem, for Romania will be the New Jerusalem, and the Lord will be with His word to the glory of the New Jerusalem. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.) And in this time, those that are prophesied shall be fulfilled, for I will bring My anointed one and he will rule with Me and not without Me, for God is upon the blessed one with His word, for the fulfilling of the most wanted glory. Excerpt from the Word of God on the day of laying down of the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies of the New Jerusalem, on 22-07-1991 *** The kingdom of those from heaven who believed and left for heaven in the hope of those promised by this spring of heavenly word will be here at you. This is the mission you work at, and that is why it is called here the church of the wakeful and righteous ones. (See the selection topic: „The true church5”, r.n.) Those that are now in heaven with you are wakeful 5You can also see on: The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 4 here, for they watch and work from heaven, and here is the reward of their righteousness! And if they had something to clean one thing or two off their life, that is why I established you to take and search each one and to wash away well the garment of each one, for I told you to bring a sacrifice of prayer and incense and to declare a word of absolution for every soul that was born, so that God’s creature may be loosed in heaven. This is the judgment the Scriptures write about and that is why this church, coming down from heaven, had to take a body, so that the Lord may make the judgment of the sins and so that God’s creature may be become loose by the word. (See selection topic: „The Judgment6”, r.n.) I established a clean church through you, a living church established by the word, and if it is established from God, the heaven knows those that come from here, and the heaven makes it according to the word delivered here. Here is why this is a heavenly dwelling, but it is hard to believe for those who do not know how to believe in God, for those who do not know God by their deeds and by their living. I would like you all to understand this heavenly condition, which came down to you for the work with the heaven. I said and I say it again: I would like you to be great in the understanding of the things from heaven, for a mission like yours has never been by this time in Israel. They, who previously came to those from heaven, they know how this mystery comes about. Excerpt from the word of St. Virginia at the celebration of the devout Parascheva, on 27- 10-1991 *** My children, My bearers, you are a church to Me, My loved ones, for I dwell in you by the bloodless mystery, which is called the God’s Kingdom inside of her sons. May the kingdom of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, be blessed, and behold, we will go and show ourselves to all the margins. Amen. Behold, the Lord, Jesus Christ warms up at this manger and dwells in this holy tabernacle and stays with you and is with you. Blessed it be the manger of the Holy Spirit of the godly Trinity, which houses in it God, the Word, and in which the Lamb of God sleeps, rests and gives Himself over to those who are together with the Lamb, to those who go with the Lamb wherever He goes, for the Lord gets in and comes out of this room, together with those that are with Him. Excerpt from the Word of the Lord and of St. Virginia upon the synod from the manger of the word, on 12-01-1992 *** 6 You can also see on: cond-coming-of-Jesus-Christ---The-Judgment The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 5 The Word of God works a new thing, a new fruit, and a heavenly kingdom on the earth. This kingdom, which starts today, is worked out by the Word of God and by the builders who are hired for the fulfilling of God’s wisdom. Amen, amen, I say to you: in the beginning was the wisdom and all that have been done by wisdom. Here a new word, coming down from God’s throne. God’s wisdom is a work made by word and I say it again: in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and God was the Word, and all were made by the Word. Amen. Peace to you! I am God, the Word; I am the Kingdom of God, and here, it is in your midst. Peace to your little hearts, and heavenly wisdom upon your wisdom, for you, loved by the Holy Spirit, have to work now together with God, what God made by wisdom. Excerpt from the Word of God to Gheorghe Zamfir, on 04-03-1992 *** Oh, Jerusalem, oh, flock of this time, do not seek My guild according to the law, for I do no longer hide now, as God’s word cannot be bound. I came to you with this work and tell you to love the Lord, your God, to love Him by your life, and to love My brother as you love yourself, for he who is not My brother, that one is not My neighbor and is not your neighbor; that one went to work at another master and listens to another master and that one is not My neighbor and I cannot show Myself to him if he does not love Me, God. I do not give My mysteries in the hand of unbelievers, and I give them to the believers, but the Scriptures truly say that the Lord does not see faith on the earth and that is why those from today do not know to how to perceive God’s mysteries. Amen, amen, I say to you: the hour is coming and it has already come, to put the kingdom of Israel back to its place, for Israel is the faithful people, and the Lord comes to establish His kingdom over His creature. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of St. Hierarch Basil the Great, on 14-01- 1993 *** Oh, My loved ones, how hard God had entered with His work upon the man, with His work of redemption from the reward of the sin of disobedience and of Lucifer’s slavery! For the people did only evil on the earth and the Lord lost every man on the earth bringing a flood over the earth, and only a man and his house remained; a man that God saw that he liked the ways of righteous- ness; and then God worked upon Abraham, and delivered through him the promise of the man’s salvation. Then My Father came and made use of the flesh and came into the way of Abraham and blessed him; and God redeemed the man by the promise made to Abraham and over Abraham’s descendant, who was to come to the right time in order to fulfill the mystery of redemption. Behold, My Father blessed Abraham; Melchizedek blessed Abraham, for Melchizedek was God’s priest and was greater than Abraham. No one could be greater than Abraham on the earth, for My Father gave the promise to him, and behold, the greatest One blessed the smallest One; He blessed His Son in Abraham. And who made Melchizedek a priest? As his father, according to the flesh, was an idol worshipper and he was sacrificing children of the Salem city worshipping idols, and this iniquity hurt Melchizedek greatly and he lifted up his hands to My Father and uttered The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 6 a request in such a way that it may remain nothing out of the land of Salem, and so that it may not be done so much falsehood and error. And on that moment the city perished and it was no longer know that it was, and he remained alone and left to God and abode into the mountains, and My Father named him His priest, because Melchizedek brought the sacrifice of his love to the Lord, and no one brought a greater sacrifice than him. He brought as a sacrifice to the Lord, the entire city, the entire genealogy and all his kindred; he brought everything as a sacrifice only by the word, My loved ones, and he remained without genealogy, without relatives, without beginning and without ending. His beginning, the beginning of his kindred was nowhere known any more, and it was no trace of his kindred, for the Salem was so well placed that no one, who passed over it, would suspect that there was a change. Who else could have known the beginning of his days? No one, as no one knew his end. He was God’s priest because he brought as a sacrifice to God all that belonged to him; all his inheritance, and he left with nothing but his own body and with his God. Oh, this mystery is great, but you cannot bear it now, the children of My people, for My Father used a body and blessed Abraham and his descendant, and this is the work of My Father, which you stay in, and behold, you work according to the order of Melchizedek, and you work by the word, as Melchizedek brought a sacrifice to God by the word and was named the priest of God forever; a priest by whom My Father made His work of the sealing of the promise made upon Abraham. With whom shall I speak about the work of My Father? Shall I speak with the old men of this people, for I cannot speak with the young ones about His great mysteries? But where are the old men? But are there old men any longer? Behold, the young ones are the old men of My people, and I speak to them and let My people grow old for the time is coming to an end and the time has been grown old waiting for the wisdom of God to increase upon the people. Oh, My people, I drew you near to Me so that I may set you afterwards to judge all the tribes of the earth, as I said upon Abraham saying: «I will bless all the nations of the earth in you». Abraham was the man My Father delivered His promise upon and whose way he came in with bread and vine and with the heavenly oil of the word of the promise. Abraham was with the first mystic blessing, and then the Holy Trinity worked Itself, and the promise was fulfilled to the end of its work, for this it was said: «To you and to your offspring». And behold, He Who carried the fruit of the tree of life was promised to Abraham, children, and that is why Abraham had the promise, and that is why it is said so, but this work is not perceived by the sons of My people, by the old men of My people. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, was in the bosom of Abraham; I was promised by My Father, and that is why it was put upon Abraham the Scripture that says: «In you all the nations of the earth will be blessed!», that is, within the loins of Abraham, by the word of the promise. Here is why the man, who was before My incarnation among the people, was saved: be- cause My Father prepared in the bosom of Abraham the place of waiting for His incarnated son, for I am the tree of life, children, and I was waited to bear fruit and to be the entrance altar screen into heaven, and that is why the Scriptures says that no one can enter but only through Me, and it says that I am the door, and the first step into the heaven was made by it. I was raised from the dead first, and then each one to one’s own order as it was the delivered promise. And who The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 7 was the first who got into the paradise? Behold, the thief entered the paradise, and although he had the key, the door it was not opened to him until I arose first. He arrived there with the cross and announced the angel in front of the heaven, but that one did not open to him until I got there, as first I went into the hell and then I arose and became the entrance door to the tree of life, which is in paradise, and which is the Holy of Holies of the Godly Trinity; and only then began the king- dom of God over the living and the dead. … Here, those who did not leave in Christ, they are not raised from the dead, and wait for the other thousand years, and here, satan has almost ended his destruction and deceit over the nations of the earth, for those that are dead in Christ will all arise for the redemption of their bodies, for they reigned with Christ and the kingdom of Christ is established to rule. (See the selection topic: „The kingdom of one thousand years”, r.n.) Oh, My people, not even now can you carry this mystery of the resurrection of the dead, not even now, and you should have understood it by now. But I put a well-set limit upon this mystery and behold, the wise perceive this mystery which is delivered then when you say so: „I wait the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age to come”. Oh, if you waited, you knew what you waited for, and if you knew it, you have waited for it. But you did not wait and behold, you do not know and your eyes are kept to see and you do not see, for you do not read the book and you do not know how to read. And in order to read it and to understand it, you have to come down from heaven, Christian; you have to ascend into heaven and you did not give your hand to come to Me and to see and to understand and to believe. I came with the heaven to you, My people, but you do not see, for your eyes are prevented from seeing; they are prevented by unbelief and you do not know Me in the breaking of the bread as those from Emmaus knew Me after My res- urrection. But now I am also after the resurrection, and I am with you on the way and speak with you from the Scriptures, but your eyes do not let go to see, and I come to ask you to buy oil from Me and to anoint your eyes to see, to take My gold and My garment on you, for behold, I stand and knock at your door. Open to Me, open, to see! And if you did not see, it means that you will not open for Me, but if I love you, I will reprimand you with justice so that you may come and repent, My people from the end, for you are a stranger, people from the end, and do not look at your beginning. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the St. Archangel Michael and Gabriel, on 21-11-1993 *** Oh, the people with a holy name, I had so much patience with you! I fed you with so much patience and I patiently taught you, to know the lesson of the kingdom of the heavens, son, and to start with you the visible kingdom of the heavens, My kingdom in your spirit and body, a people with a holy name and with a heavenly election, because I remember again: it was not you that chose me, but I chose you, the children of My people; and I chose you so that you may get used to having a godly nature, as the nature of My body was. It is because of this that I came from My Father and became flesh to show the man what the godly nature is to speak into the man. I took upon Me the entire human nature so that I may be able to scatter the men’s sins condemning them into My body, and so that the men may condemn them afterwards in their bodies too, but the people still remained united to their sins as My people did not take from Me the image of the godly nature. The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 8 Oh, what lessons of the godly nature I let to the people, but the people did not use this miracle, for I was God’s incarnated miracle in man, and then I became the way of the people to the My kingdom, Who testified about Me from heaven, as His Son in the time of My baptism by John did. Excerpt from the Word of God at the celebration of the first martyr and Archdeacon Ste- phen, on 09-01-1994 *** I have always exhorted you not to take care at your body anymore, and to take care of the body for the Holy Spirit, for it is written that your body, Christian, is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And it is also written in the Scriptures that you, My Christian, are not yours and that your bodies which you stay in, have to be the dwellings of the Holy Spirit. Even if you want to say that Abra- ham or Elijah or David or the apostles ate milk and meat and butter, you should no longer say so from now on, and rather think well what you say and search well what you mean for them, for the heaven and for the age to come now, which is being prepared by you, Israel of the last obedience. With you it is something else. You should fulfill what they did not fulfill, what it remained to be fulfilled for the returning to Eden, where the death shall be cast out and when all the unfulfillment of those by you shall be forgiven through you, for you fulfill what remained to be fulfilled. Do not be led astray with the Holy Scriptures that you keep into your front, and be careful that the Holy Scripture is the Holy Spirit; it is not flesh and nature, even if urges are found in it for those without the order of the holiness, without the power of the God’s love. It is in it the law for the people, so that the people may be led up to the holiness condition, but God’s sons raise above the law, so that they may pass to the holy condition from the beginning. (See selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?7”, r.n.) In the time of the apostles, a time that left us with orders and work upon the church in the Scripture; take a good look that the disobedient church of that time received the order by the apos- tles, after the condition of the church, but this does not mean that you should do the same, you who are obedient, as those who did not listen and for whom there were written orders by the apostles. What are you doing when you read the book about young widows that Paul exhorted to marry? And why did the apostle Paul want these to get married after their husbands’ death? Because he did not want them to commit fornication without law, Christian, for they did not choose the clean life in Christ, and they had to remain under the law, as on that time, neither the Jews and nor the apostles, understood enough that the law could not have the man for Christ. The apostles under- stood it, but they could not sufficiently perceive with the new ones upon the old ones, so suddenly, for there was callousness; and the Jews that came to become Christian and who were used to the law, could not understand it. But you, Israel of today, you should understand that My labor is coming to an end and I need to have a people like the holy heaven. This way, and do not stagger 7 You can also see on: ring The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 9 for I ask you to be like the holy heaven, as the Jerusalem from above is, the Jerusalem through the grace, and which won by grace the Jerusalem from above, as it was proclaimed the promise upon Abraham. Listen to My voice, Israel; listen to My counsel, Israel, for you are chosen for holiness; you are not after the flesh; you are chosen for those which are to be above the flesh, son. Do not take after those in My people who did not want to fulfill those that were prophesied even from the time of Verginica’s body. I told you today that it was the most beautiful and holiest Passover and the holiest day of the resurrection in your life with Me, Israel. I speak of those which did not give up those that are established for this time being, from now on and until My coming in the clouds, Christian. (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.). Now it remains to see what I should do with those that spat on the requested estab- lishment for the time which we reached at with the ages of the heavens. I, the Lord, will remember of those who have the name declared by the heaven by this prophecy, and I will search into the flesh and stone, and I will shake up every house of the Christians which have the witness of this prophecy, and I will put the question: „Why did you leave the Lord, you house of Israel, in order to worship the idols of your body and of the evil age?” (See the selection topic: „About the graven image and the sign of the cross”, r.n.). I will turn with their faces to Me, those who heard from the Lord and spat on the words brought by Me to be fulfilled, for I brought them to be lived in you, children of this prophecy. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s resurrection, on 01-05-1994 *** Peace to you, My people Israel! I am upon you and I accompany by the word, as I accom- panied Israel by a pillar of fire and in the cloud to the land of the promise, but I accompany you with My glory by the word and I call you, the Israel from the end. Behold, Israel, I come into your way with My word, declared for you above the manger of My word. Israel means a faithful people. Be faithful Israel, as it was the remnant of Israel, which I remained with after Israel forsook Me, for I made out of the faithful Israel the salting which I salted the earth with, sons. And who were those from the Israel’s remnant? There were Peter, Paul, James, John and all My apostles, who proclaimed My name and the kingdom of the heavens to all the margins of the earth. Well, My people of today, I made from this remnant of Israel a host of apostles, prophets and saints and I salted all the earth with the salt of My word, which was flowing from the mouth and the spirit of those heavenly servants into the world. I salted the world with My word by them, and I told them after My ascension: «Go and preach that the kingdom of God has come near. Go the ends of the earth and baptize those who will believe into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen». And behold, My people, you are My people of today that God is speaking to on the earth, for after I arose from the dead I remained alive and I remained for the man, but the man did not understand what I told in the time of My ascension into the heaven, for I said this: «Behold, I will be with you to the end of the age». But how shall the unfaithful or the one who is hard to believe have faith? How, Israel, shall the unfaithful believe that I speak from heaven upon you? That is why I want to come with you before the world, so that the world may understand that you are My messenger into the world, as I sent My apostles at that time. And you, like them, go now and speak again what they said. They said that the kingdom of the heaven had come near. And what is the The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 10 kingdom of the heavens, you Israel of today? Really, did My apostles Peter and Paul lie, they who were the first of My apostles? Did they lie when they spoke that the kingdom of the heavens came near? They were speaking two thousand years ago, and you should also speak this today, son. But what is the kingdom of heavens? But what the kingdom of heavens is not? Oh, well sons, the kingdom of the heavens is not eating and drinking; it is not marrying and giving into marriage. The kingdom of heaven is the food of the word of God; it is holiness, cleanness and the word of the Holy Spirit. The sons of this age are marrying and giving in marriage, but those who are worthy to be the sons of the kingdom of heavens, live an angelic life into their bodies; they do not marry and are not given in marriage and live as the angels in heaven do, (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and woman”, r.n.) and the heavenly Father, who is their Father, takes care of them. The kingdom of heavens is with you; My people Israel of today, for you have inside of you My throne and My word in your midst. You are the people who has Me, the Lord, in your midst with My counsel, with My command, son. I give com- mandments only to those who chose to listen to God, but they, who do according to the will of their body, are not God’s sons; they are the sons of this age. Say My people, say, son, to the world, and do not be silent; tell the man of the world not to say that it is with Me. If it is with the living of this age, if it does not take after My command- ments, let it not say that it is with Me, for it is written: «Those who belong to Christ crucified their body and their fleshly desires and lusts of vain glory that come from the man». Teach, My people, the one who comes and asks you what I speak with you; tell him as My apostles were speaking; speak that the kingdom of heavens came near and tell him what this mystery of this godly word means. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption, on 28-08-1994 *** We will welcome the celebration of the resurrection and I will come out with you, My people, and you should be My pleasant one, My son and My people. Seek son, to be pleasant to God, for the saints look at you, child; the angels look at you, and the world will look at you; it will look at you day by day to see how are you and if you resemble those that are in heaven. I will come down with heaven on the earth and I will bring down the whole heavenly beauty on the earth to you, My children bearing of godly grace. Get yourself under control sons, control your- self and I say again: get yourself under control, for I want to come into being in you, as I took being in My apostles, who shared to the world the heavenly kingdom. But this kingdom pro- claimed by them at that time has to come into view now, as a kingdom over all and to the end of the spirit of the world, which is foreign to those from heaven. My kingdom come! It comes first to you, Jerusalem, My throne on the earth, for you are My throne and bedding, as My little Mother was My dwelling for My birth among the people. I want you to be a new heaven and a new earth, you Romanian Israel. I want you to enclose with your name all the earth, son, all the breath, you Romanian Jerusalem. I announce you well that I will make out of you paths of light and rays of sun over the icy earth and over the spiritless man. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Annunciation, on 07-04-1995 *** The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 11 Sons, be sewers. Let the sons that are the wheat at My table become sewers. Be sewers, for I come and give you the little bag with wheat. Sow upon you the work of wheat, the work of Jesus Christ in your bodies, and then be like Christ and sow from this little bag upon those that do not know the way which leads to the heavenly kingdom on the earth. Children, be careful, I make heavenly kingdom on earth and spread it on the land mass. Behold the book of My word! Behold the little bag from which you should sow upon you, so that you may be the quality wheat, and then to become sewers, sons. He, who does not choose at this work, will be without work. Sow one upon the other. Do what the apostles did, what the virgins did. Do what Christ’s disciples did into the world and upon the world. He who does not want it this way, that one shall be the corn cockle. That one should get out of My crops. I command the corn cockle to get out of My crops if it wants to be the corn cockle, if it wants to be a body. Sons, I spread the kingdom of heavens on the earth, and I renew again the staying into the heavenly kingdom and say: In the heavenly kingdom one shall not marry nor given in marriage, but rather live a life of apostles and virgins, of male and female disciples for Christ, of brothers with Jesus Christ, Who is sinless. He, who wants to be like the world, that one is corn cockle, that one is swallowed by the wave of Christ’s end in the man. The spirit of the spirit and body health, the spirit of resurrection, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of life without death shall enshroud you, Jerusalem, My people that love your God, people that love Me. Love Me son, so that I may also love you and to protect you, son. The love from the end of the time shall start from you to God, from man to God, so that God’s love may come to the man. In the beginning it was God Who loved. Now it comes for the man to love God, so that God may have what to love and what to protect and what to bring into life. And you should be My resurrected one, Jerusalem, the people of resurrection. You, Christian, should be a people of sew- ers, for today I give you the little bag in which the kingdom of God is found, coming down on the earth. Let each house be a kingdom of God, and let the houses of the kingdom of God be marked by the blessed sign, into the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. … You, New Jerusalem, you shall enclose the earth and the heaven, and this work remains forever, for this is the work of My promised blessings, your Lord, God. You blessed Jerusalem, receive light, son, receive light and give forth light from the Light! Peace to you, Romanian Jerusalem! Christ is raised! Peace to you, Romanian people! Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the great saint martyr, Gheorghe, (Saint George) on 06-05-1995 *** I promised you, My child Israel that I would come to you to write into this book about the lying of the wisdom which comes from the man; to write into the book that the man without God is a spiritless man and is given as a loan to the evil spirit willingly, as it happened with the man from the beginning, who passed over the Spirit of God in order to be greater, and then all shook from their places; all that God created shook. But it is written into the Scriptures My word which says: «I will shake the heavens and the earth once more», as I, Israel, have to put back to their The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 12 places those that were shaken, and the putting back of those shaken will be felt. I spoke by the mouth of My apostle in My garden which declares upon you the word coming down from heaven, I spoke by his little mouth before you, and I spoke by the Holy Spirit, by a speech of the Holy Spirit; I spoke that the greatest miracle that I did by this work coming down from heaven is the miracle of the new man, who lives according to God’s word, who moves within the word declared by God, who receives God’s image and likeness by the word and by living according to the word, the same way I made the man from the beginning. The same way you too, My child that are born by My word, which came down from heaven to you. Here is a birth from above, a birth by the word. Oh, what a miracle I worked out in you, Israel! That is why I kneaded this wok and this people, so that I may give birth in him sons from above, as I was. I was born by the word from the heaven. How sons, how by the word? What would have happened Israel, if I did not pass into the invisible ones? You do not know what would have happened if I did not cover Myself with those that are invisible. I stay covered by those that are seen, so that you have a place in time. I never left Mine, but I hid Myself in them, and that is why I said that the man seeks Me and does not find Me, for I am covered. The man cannot find Me but in him. How shall the man find Me in him? By his like- ness to Me, in obedience to the Father. I want to show Myself to the man in you, son from Israel, and that is why I tell you to let you be after My image and My likeness, in image, in spirit and in work, for you are My kingdom, My man in whom I rest in this time. Oh, son, son, you should know that I have never rested in man as I do now? Behold, I have room with My rest and My work in man, and I work on the throne upon the earth, for you are My throne of resurrection and of judgment, Israel, My child. If you are surrounded by the age of man’s science, by those of the man’s science, do not doubt, and do not rejoice either, for you have to work with Me, and we will abolish, by our obedi- ence to the Father, the emptiness which comes from the man and from the gold, son. The man makes a science for the gold and gives it for the gold, so that the man may have gold, and the gold is a false god even if it glitters. The man should work what God gave him to work and he should work nothing else; but if he did, I work with you to help the man receive back his glory that he lost. The science was God’s and the man did not listen and took from the tree of knowledge, and behold, the man have belonged to the science since then, not to God, and the science man does not want to believe that he is not God’s man. The greatest lie is told when the science man says that he is God’s man. There are many among the science men who pray to God to help them in their science, to help them do this and that way, but who listens to them? God hears them, but hearing, God does not hear, for God cannot divide Himself. … The science man raked out with his mind and got into the mysteries of the creation as Adam went into to eat from where he should have not eaten. The man raked out with his mind and then said that he is intelligent and made books for himself and gave them the name of a man, and he wrote on them: physics, chemistry, biology and philosophy, but it is not written disobedience on any of them; it is not written death; it is not written emptiness. The most intelligent men were those who became Christians, those who forsook all the earthly science and came back to God to be redeemed of the life and obedience to God. But it is a great thing for a man to be Christian, that is Christ and that is the man in whom Christ stays hidden. The Christian man The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 13 should be like Christ in his behavior both in work and in appearance, so that Christ may take him and make him a working disciple, that is Christ working on the earth among the people. The Christian who does not work properly at his likeness to Christ in him, is in search for Christ, but the Christian who is truly a Christian, finds Christ in his inside as it is written: «The kingdom of God is in you». Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saints, emperors, Constantine and Helen, on 03-06-1995. *** Oh, you people of the Word, oh, you church of Jesus Christ, Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, made out by God! Take Christian and eat the word, for the worldly church went to sleep and does not get up to eat! The church is sleeping its sleep and does not get up from its sleep. I woke it up to hear My word, and then it went to bed again, and does not get up to stand before Me. (See the selection topic: „The true church8”, r.n.) He, who serves the sin, does not understand God; that one has the sin as his father; that one does not have time for God. But the man who serves God’s commandments, has knowledge; he has a wakeful spirit and is a son of love, a son of God, for it is written into the Scriptures: «To those who believe in Him and to those who received Him, he gave them the power to become sons of God, who were born not of blood, not of fleshly and manly desire, but were born of God». The love comes down from heaven. His love became the word and unfolds over Roma- nia. Peace to you, Romania, as you have in you the people of My word! Peace to you, as I want to dress you a bride, to give you birth from heaven and to take you as My bride, to make you a virgin and to give you the eternity; to give you all the gifts that the man lost from the beginning. When Adam had again a son in the place of the murdered one, he said: «Behold a man after my image and likeness», and from that son the man has multiplied on the earth, after Adam’s image and likeness. The man born out of sins should let himself be born of heaven, from God, from God’s love for the man. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Assumption, on 28-08-1995. *** Israel, Israel, you Romanian Israel, I have not been able to work like today since two thou- sand years upon you, but I am working today upon you more than I have worked in all the ages on the earth. The time has come today to make you for the heaven. Today is that time of the world’s renewing and the world does not know, and neither the skillful man knows it, Christian, he does not know for he uses his ingenuity at something else, he uses his ingenuity and ability, as the prodigal son squandered away his wealth that received from his father to have his share. But I held you off, My people; I held you off to work with you in My field, in My kingdom, not into the 8You can also see on:!4EF1US4R!vhg5QR1Qc82yxTW84Y2Q2EX6IrNeT3FA97Oqvlhpe4A The Kingdom of God does not come in a visible way 14 kingdom of this world. My kingdom is the kingdom of the heavens on the earth, for I made the heavens and the earth for this. The heaven without the earth cannot be a kingdom, as the body without the soul cannot be alive, as the soul without a body is without a house. But only with you do I speak those from heaven, as only with Israel I had work on the earth, and I had an inher- itance in Israel, and this is what I was speaking to Israel: «Israel, you should take your iniquities out of your camp and bury them into the earth with the shovel, outside of your camp, for I, the Lord, walk in the camp and I do not want to be disgusted seeing your filthiness». I have stayed with Israel teaching it for the rest of its life, but it became conceited and mingled with foreign peoples and thus spoiled My kingdom from heaven in the middle of Israel. Excerpt from the Word of God to the Christian people, on 05-11-1995 *** Oh, My people, this is it now, for you have to pull your mind and brains together and let them work together with the saints and the angels, son. Get up son, get up for this watch, for I told you to go to sleep embraced with Me and with the saints, and I told you to let Me grow up in you, to take Me in you so that I may grow in you, and to take after Me in greatness and godly nature. Son, it is My duty to come and reveal you the work of the holy joy, and it is your duty to take it in your inside and to make it grow, as this work will take out of you all that does not resemble the kingdom of God, which behold, is coming down to you by the work of the holy joy. It is so, as it is written, for the beauty of the kingdom of God did not go up to the human mind, but this beauty is not only to go up to your mind son, but also to be; this beauty which is one, as I am One. And if I am One, and if I am the way I want to stay in those that are worked by Me, in those that have been wrought up for such a long time; in your mind and your conscience, is it not appropriate for you to give Me your field to make out of it a kingdom of new heaven and new earth? Where shall I start from? I start with My little parcel, with what it remained to Me, but I want you to believe son, that the tear is a smile for the heaven. The man does not understand this mystery, for the man does not know the work of happiness. The man knows that the good mood, laughter, smile, and earthly joy are all he needs to have. The man has not skill for those that are to come. The man embraces anot


„…But, what is the kingdom of the heavens? Behold, it is the inner being, the man who let to be created after My image and My likeness to be, then, as I am.

Behold the kingdom of the heavens! It is My complete will in the man, as in heaven so on earth. Amen.

I want the man to hear that the kingdom of the heavens is the man who does My will as I do My Father’s will on the earth as in heaven, My people.”


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