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5 stages of a tech startup 1. Setting Up (Problem/Solution fit) Status Company setup Team Product development team in place Product Product live Product function as intended Funding: Self or seed funded Metrics 10,000 users Revenue generation commenced 2. Getting it Right (Product/Mar‐ ket Fit) Status Product meets market need prospects trial and upgrade to paid Growing traction Team Product, S&M and Delivery Teams in place Product Product established Sector penetration Funding: Self or Series A funded Metrics $1 m in revenues 3. Growth Level I (Geographical/Market Expansion) Status Top 5 in markets active Team Top Senior Management Team in place Product Product frequently covered in press Partner network setup Funding: Well capitalised Metrics $10 m in revenues 4. Growth Level II (Acquisitions) Status Top 3 in key markets Team Teams established in key geographies Product Significant brand recognition Partner networks well established Funding: Smaller Acquisitions Metrics $100 million in revenues 5. Growth Level III (Dominance) Status Market Leader Team Mature teams in every geography Product Immediate brand recognition Funding: Significant M&A Activities Metrics $1 bn in revenues Developed by Manoj Ranaweera, CEO - edocr.com Use and amend as you see fit Comments and improvements much appreciated edocr 5 Stages.mmap - 02/06/2012 - Manoj Ranaweera

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