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w. t. (801) 447-9535 MEASURE MATTERS Personal account manager Customized ad strategy for your content and readers Industry leading Header Bidding technology Private Marketplace and premium direct deals World class optimization and implementation Custom dashboard displays your personalized metrics Data that speaks for itself WHAT OUR PROCESS OUR SERVICES * Available products/services vary by site size. Receive advanced analytics &insightsforprofitable trafficacquisitionbydevice, geo,metro,etc. Work with a real person viaemail,chat,orphoneto achieveyoursite'sgoals. Personal Ad Ops Representative Priority Testing & DataTeam Work with a real person viaemail,chat,orphoneto achieveyoursite'sgoals. Ourteamwillimplement youradvertisingspacesor headerbiddingintegrations foryourconvenience. CustomReporting Dashboard voncustommetricslike eCPM,RPM,RPS,CPM, fill-rate,andkeytraffic insights. World-Class Advertising Management Professional Advertising Implementation In-content,video,& nativeunitsmakeyour mobiletrafficasvaluable aspossible. Customheaderandpre- bidwrapper,desktop& mobiledisplay,richmedia, highimpact,video,and nativeunitsavailable. MobileOptimization (Flight) Access to All Ad-Types&Tech Submit Onboarding Agreement to get started. Submit Site to Premium Advertisers and Exchanges for Approval If your site is approved, an onboarding call is scheduled to discuss strategy. Rejected Call with Monumetric Onboarding Team to build custom ad-strategy. Implement Ads with our implementation team. Your Ads Are Now Live and Earning Revenue Your Dashboard reports your earnings and performance from the previous day. Build Custom Ad Strategy with publisher. Build Advertising Code (Tags) based on custom strategy and advertiser approvals. Our Team Collects Data from Live Ads to begin optimizing and aligning advertisers. Normalization of earnings can take 2-4 weeks. Implement Ads Directly on Site Our integration team will work closely with the publisher to implementand troubleshoot the ad code. URL.COM $docu ment. re ady(f uncti on ) { $("di v3"). ho ver(f uncti on () { $("p" ).sli de Toggl e(); Approved 2 WEEKS 2-3 DAYS MONUMETRICPUBLISHEROUR TIMELINE ADS CATALOG Leaderboard - 728x90 Medium Rectangle - 300x250 Sky Scraper - 160x600 Half Page - 300x600 High performing unit designated to be above content, below content, or in content. 2nd most common size with a very high mount of demand. High performing unit designated for next-to content placement on desktop orin-content on mobile. Most common size with most amount of demand. Median performing unit designated for the sidebar. This unit can work well aesthetically with certain layouts. High performing unit in terms of CPMs, but usually has lower fill than other units. Designated as a premium sidebar unit that can be sold direct for high CPMs. NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE ADS CATALOG Mobile Leaderboard - 320x50 Flex - 300 x 250 / 300 x 600 In-Image In-Screen Mobile specific ad unit whcich can take the place of where a desktop 728x90 would be. Highest performing mobile-specific ad size. Ad tag which can fill at either size depending on which size gets a higher bid. This is a great unit for publishers to implement, but sidebar must be coded correctly for it to properly "flex". Ask your AM for more details. Small display ads that fill on the bottom 50 pixels of your images. These collapsible ads can be throttled to only show on a certain number of images per visit. Specific URLs can be blocked from having in-image ads as well (for sponsored posts, for example). These are a fantastic source of incremental revenue, especially with the ability to control frequency. Collapsible display ad that sticks to the bottom of your screen as the user scrolls. Sizing is generally 728x90, but can also fill at a full width of the browser at 90 pixels high. NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE ADS CATALOG Editorial Video Inline / Outstream Video Pillar Video Pillar Video player which can be placed in-content or below-content. This unit plays related content between advertisements. Video is non-audio and has very low impact on page load. Very high earning unit. Recommended for all publishers. Video player which plays a non-audio ad in-content when an ad is filled for that user. The player is not visible unless the ad is filled (ads are usually 30 seconds). CPMs are high, but fill is not consistent and is highly variable on industry fluctuations in demand. Display unit which pulls out from the right or left side of the screen. A median earning unit for incremental revenue with little impact on load time or user experience. Ad can be closed at any time. Same delivery method as the display pillar unit, which plays video ads. Much higher earning unit, with lower fill. NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE Unlocktheseoptimization opportunitiesforyoursite,and increaseyourrevenuetoday. Kyle Ivins e. t. 801.859.1781

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Publishing documents on edocr is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing (brochures, data sheets, press releases, white papers and case studies), sales (slides, price lists and pro-forma agreements), operations (specifications, operating manuals, installation guides), customer service (user manuals) and financial (annual reports and financial statements) documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions. #SEO #leadgen #content #analytics

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I am an accomplished content marketing professional helping you to build your brand and business. In my current role, I fulfill a multi-faceted solution marketplace including: publishing and sharing your content, embedding a document viewer on your website, improving your content’s search engine optimization, generating leads with gated content and earning money by selling your documents. I gobble up documents, storing them for safekeeping and releasing the text for excellent search engine optimization, lead generation and earned income. 

Publishing documents on is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

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