Landscaping Tips: Why Artificial Grass Makes the Perfect Play Space

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Page | 1 Many American adults have fond memories of the good times they’ve spent in their backyards as they grew up. As such, it’s no wonder why many homeowners in Las Vegas are always looking for new ways to redo their backyard landscaping into a family-friendly outdoor living space and play area. This way, their own children are able to create their own cherished childhood memories. Landscaping Tips: Why Artificial Grass Makes the Perfect Play Space September 8, 2017 Page | 2 If you are interested in redesigning your backyard and creating an amazing play space for your children, you may also want to consider making the switch from natural grass to artificial grass. After all, large-scale landscaping projects like these are the perfect reason to have new artificial grass installed. Furthermore, artificial grass is great for play spaces because of the following advantages: The Wonders of Recycling More often than not, the term “artificial” is often associated with being harmful to the environment. This is definitely not the case when it comes to artificial grass. Many of the artificial grass options available today are made from carefully recycled plastic sourced from discarded artificial grass. This assures you that whenever you have artificial grass installed, you are helping keep plastic out of our landfills. Naturally, this is a great way to help teach your child about the importance and amazing results of recycling. Avoid Harsh Chemicals It is no secret that natural grass requires a significant amount of maintenance to help it look its best. Unfortunately, this will often entail the use of various chemical fertilizers and pesticides, both of which can be hazardous to your children. Fortunately, you never need to worry about this problem with artificial grass as it naturally resists insects and other pesky garden invaders. This helps you avoid exposing your children from chemical residues and the like. Kiss Stains Goodbye As children run around on natural grass in the backyard, it isn’t uncommon to see green streaks and stains on your children’s clothes. Grass stains are simple enough to remove from clothing, but can present an issue if your child accidentally transfers the stain to the living room sofa later in the day. This isn’t an issue with artificial grass from a respected landscaping and installation service like Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros. Page | 3 Keep Your Home Free of Mud and Allergens After a long afternoon of playing around in the garden, it’s only natural that your children get a little dirty. Mud clings and cakes to the soles of your children, while allergens like grass pollen can stick to their clothes as they roll around in the grass. This can easily be tracked inside your home, leaving you with a mess that you have to deal with. Since artificial grass uses sand and rubber to anchor itself to the ground rather than soil, you can take it easy knowing artificial sand won’t be bringing in any mud, allergens, and other such substances. About Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros: Las Vegas Artificial Grass Pros is a trusted landscaping and artificial turf installation service in Las Vegas, NV. With an entire team of experienced installation experts, we are more than capable of creating breathtaking landscapes and lawns that take full advantage of artificial grass. Sources: Pros and Cons: Artificial Grass Versus a Live Lawn, Gardenista How Pet-Friendly is Artificial Turf?, Angie’s List

When creating a play space for your children, it may be to your advantage to have artificial grass installed in your backyard thanks to these traits.

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