Meditations on Consciousness

Jan 11, 2020 | Publisher: Sirius-C Media | Category: Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality |  | Collection: Perception and Reality | Views: 6 | Likes: 1

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‘Meditations on Consciousness’ as part of the series ‘Perception and Reality’ is a series of meditations, or rather, intuitive insights later elaborated in my nonfiction books that I received during or after periodic meditation sittings. Its paradigmatic style and authoritative diction remind me of Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’

This vintage of an expanded worldview is a concise sketch of ‘realizable’ new ways, both individually and collectively, or, in a more expanded formulation, a new worldview that reinstitutes real morality principles instead of the fake morality that postmodern international consumer culture practices as an upside-down worldview where all the real values have been twisted into a consumerist persecutor paradigm that gives the state more and more control over the individual.

The emphasis here is on the integrative aspect, as we have so many fragmented views and opinions in our society. What we need are integrative, holistic and sustainable solutions for the future. This includes all possible aspects of a holistic perspective in order to melt them into an organic whole.

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Peter Fritz Walter
Managing Director
Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC
Wilmington, DE, 19801, USA

While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview.

In October 1998 I established Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC in Delaware, USA, which functions as my company for publishing and media production.

From 2018 I specialized on producing life-improving media and web presences for self-development.


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