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MEMORIAL POLICY & APPLICATION The Director of Hillsborough County Park & Recreation Department or the Director of Conservation & Environmental Lands Management Department are the approving authority for placement for all donor contributed memorials on respective Hillsborough County park properties. The Friends of Hillsborough County Parks is an not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated solely to fundraising to assist various Parks, Recreation & Conservation activities. The Friends' organization will be the recipient of any donations for approved memorials, and then responsible for the purchase and delivery of memorial items to the accepting Park property. Excerpts of the Memorial Policy (entire policy is at the end of this document): 1. Memorials which may negatively impact the park visitor experience, park use and enjoyment of park facilities, shall not be approved. 2. Donated memorials should benefit the general public as a first priority with the benefit to the donor or honoree as a secondary priority. 3. All memorials shall honor deceased individuals only. 4. All requests for donation of memorials shall be submitted in writing to the Parks Planning and Development Manager for review via the Friend of County Parks website. (Web form below) 5. The Parks Planning and Development Manager shall review donated memorial requests based on park development standards, material durability, maintenance requirements, visual impacts, and safety and accessibility requirements. 6. All costs associated with installation of donated memorials shall be borne by the Donor unless otherwise directed by the PRD Director. 7. Pre-approved donations items are identified in this policy. Citizen may request other memorial items, such a brick pavers, but they must be approved by Park Dept. 8. Parks Staff shall maintain donated memorials at the level consistent with current park operations and maintenance, within the expected life cycle of the installed item. 9. The PRD shall not bear responsibility for repair or replacement of memorials that are vandalized, lost, stolen, or past the expected life cycle, beyond the typical maintenance standards. 10.All donated memorials that are accepted become the property of Hillsborough County and are subject to the laws, policies and procedures that govern park property. MEMORIAL BENCH - $1,250 installed Donor may request to purchase a memorial bench and plaque, similar to the photo above, as follows: With mounted bronze name plaque. Email​ for Application Form MEMORIAL TREE a. Donor may request to purchase a tree to have planted on the park property of their choice. b. Plaques shall not be allowed on tree donations. c. The Manager of Parks Maintenance shall decide on minimum tree size and type acceptable for the chosen park property. d. The Manager of Parks Maintenance shall work with the Donor to decide the best spot inside the park property to plant the tree that does not violate park development standards, visual impacts, or safety and accessibility requirements of the area. Shade trees ● N - Native ● F - Flowering ● E - Evergreen ● D - Deciduous (sheds leaves annually) ● 1 - Acceptable for planting in shade tree islands ● 2 - Not acceptable for planting in internal or terminal islands of parking areas Common Name Botanical Name Characteristics Ash, green Fraxinus pennsylvanica N, D, 1 Cypress, bald Taxodium distichum N, D Elm, American Ulmus americana N, D, 1 Elm, winged Ulmus alata N, D Hickory, pignut Carya glabra N, D, 1 Maple, red Acer rubrum N, D, 2 Magnolia, southern Magnolia grandiflora N, F, E Oak, laurel Quercus laurifolia N, D, 1 Oak, live Quercus virginiana N, E, 1 Oak, post Quercus stellata N, E Oak, sand live Quercus geminata N, E Oak, Shumard Quercus shumardii N, D Oak, turkey Quercus laevis N, D Pine, longleaf Pinus palustris N, E Pine, sand Pinus clausa N, E Pine, northern slash Pinus elliottii v. elliottii N, E Pine, slash Pinus elliotti N, E Sugarberry Celtis laevigata N, D Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua N, D, 1 Sycamore Platanus occidentalis N, D, 1 FULL POLICY

To establish a formal process for those looking to memorialize deceased loved ones on Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) property.

About Friends of County Parks

The Friends of the County Parks, established in 1988, is a group of concerned citizens joining together to promote financial and community support to the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Department. They develop public awareness of recreation as an important part of day-to-day life. 

Funds provided by The Friends of the County Parks are used as a supplement to the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department budget and does not replace allocated tax dollars. These additional funds helps maintain, improve, and enhance services provided by the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department. The Friends of the County Parks enjoys a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit exemption status.

Friends of the County Parks meetings are held first Thursday of each month. For more information please call the administrative office at 813-744-5595.

Board Members


Pete Fowler, President
Jan Smith, Vice President
David Braun, Vice President
Katherine Tabor, Treasurer


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