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Learn How To Start ADVERTISING COMPANY Advertising Company I was gonna save my money yeah I was gonna buy a minibike I bought that minibike and I sold it Advertising Company for more money than I make then I bought it for two years later and then I you know kept on saving my money now and how important. The other second part Advertising Company of this is number one is observation how important did you go to college yes what was more part of you door-to-door sales or going to college college was a great platform for me to build my confidence I learned more in door-to-door sales and you know. My interns are my agency we bring in a year they will tell you they learn more in weeks and they've learned in their entire life real because it's real work yeah so the door-to-door sales okay because here we are now with. The internet YouTube Advertising Company Facebook snapchat man into Facebook messengers how important do you think somebody watching right now what would it be for them to go on a mission and go sell like Mormons go sell religion in another country don't know. The language and they got to sell religion it's a person on the other end doesn't even understand right so how important is that however the mission of door-to- door of pitching every anyone that I've met that has. That any success in life has either sold newspapers sold encyclopedias so greeting cards I just met Jon PR the the patron man John and I were at the races in in Gainesville his daughter races um dragsters and he said what was your first job I told him greeting cards he stopped he sold the same greeting cards same thing.

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