Daoism Today

Feb 8, 2020 | Publisher: Sirius-C Media | Category: Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality |  | Collection: I Ching Consulting | Views: 6 | Likes: 2

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‘Daoism Today’ is an elaborate version of the article ‘Daoism in China’ that I have written for a major tour company in China. The article is an exploration into the theme of Daoism in China’s history and how this tradition has kept up with the vicissitudes of modern life, to be still present today in mainland China despite the state’s communist ideology and credo. I also explore in this article in how much Daoism today in China is still a philosophy or Way that it was well originally in the olden times, or if it has become a religion, with all the ‘side-effects’ that this implies?

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