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Tracking the Ever-growing Real Estate Potential in Dwarka L Zone This article explains in greater details the reason behind the ever growing demands for the residential and commercial spaces in Dwarka, and also compares the situation with other areas of the national capital region. With the unexpected retail boom and rapidly increasing return on investment in the current real estate market, the evaluation of the national capital properties have been really sky-high since long. The renowned real estate builders and land developers are taking the drop in prices and costing as positive, in the light of the fact that many of their current projects are lying overly vacant for quite a long time now. A large number of individuals and business entities have been highly cautious of investing in residential and commercial properties and were very eagerly waiting for a price correction. With this amazing dropping in both residential and commercial property values, almost all the renowned builders and real estate developers are now expecting some hot activities in the market. Space crunch has always been the prime factor for the soaring commercial and residential property prices in the city. But, with a lot of expected possibilities in the Delhi-NCR market, especially with the approval of the land pooling policy, by early 2021, prices are likely to trim down a lot more in the city, as per the views of the industry experts. Amid Dwarka being one of the few remaining places where a profuse amount of land is available, it will keep continuing to add more space in the forthcoming time to the Delhi real estate market. Dwarka smart city projects are a clear testimony to that. Apart from that, the most sought-after residential and commercial properties have always been in the preferred list. As the national capital has better edge over other metropolitan cities in terms of infrastructure, availability of skilled professional work force and better connectivity, the real estate scenario in the city has maintained a top position in the land developing ladder of the country. Just a few years back, nobody even used to consider opting for a piece of property or investing in real estate of Dwarka region. It offered none of the most basic facilities like quality education, healthcare facilities, entertainment zones, etc. proving it the least preferred area for residential and commercial properties. But gone are the days when this part of the national capital region was known for its highly clumsy visage and overshadowed construction. Rapid development of Dwarka has led to the construction of world-class roads, well-built residential and commercial spaces, huge shopping malls and various other things. L zone smart city project is a term which is on the tongue of everyone these days. The real estate developers of the national capital region feel that this unexpected surge in Dwarka property was expected due to the quick development of smart cities across India. The increasing economic potential of the L zone Dwaka region is now well acknowledged by both corporate houses and land developers. With the target of building social infrastructure and elevated living, large numbers of highly sophisticated schools and hospitals, giant shopping malls, family fun and entertainment centers, the builders in Dwarka have earned a formidable reputation.

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