2014 May 3 Incubating Startup inside a mature company

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Startups: own vs spinouts Dreams, failures & salvation Manoj Ranaweera 3rd May 2014 Tech City Manchester Startup Myths 1. Don't bother if you are not technical 2. It's a young man's game 3. You must raise external capital 4. No need for early revenues let someone else figure it out 5. Must be a lean startup 6. And don't forget to fail fast Life is a journey! Education: 1987 Royal College 1992 B.Eng (Hons) 2005 MBA @MBS Employment 1992 Parsons Brinckerhoff Control Systems Power Generation Electricity Transmission Sewerage Networks Light Rail Transit Startups: 2004 MI Investor employee 2004/06 ebdex 2006/12 Techcelerate TwiCRM, CRMthis Foresight North 2007 edocr Spin outs 2013 LiveStax My Startup Adventures n Since 2007 n Over 150,000+ Users from 200+ countries n 1 million+ prospects have discovered 50,000 professionals and businesses through Documents n 21m turnover (2012) n 250+ staff n Offices in UK, Middle East and India n Market leader in Construction Industry n 3 dedicated developers + 1 commercial n 4 part timers + parent company Software Efficiency Drift Life of existing software investments can be greatly extended by surfacing information via easy-to-build disposable Apps Efficiency Drift Recovered & improved outcome Efficiency Gain Ef fic ie n c y Time Actual outcome Expected outcome Addition of LiveStax What is LiveStax? LiveStax surface the RIGHT Information to the RIGHT Employee to do the RIGHT Job at the RIGHT Time, via easy to build Apps, Pages and Spaces, which surface information and functionality from legacy, on-premise and SaaS software, reducing employee frustrations and improving business productivity, whilst giving back control of IT to CIO. Comparison 1 - Opportunity Your itch vs looking for a problem Product or feature Scaling $1bn $100m $10m Lifestyle Customer challenges Own Challenges Market Trends Comparison 2 Founder Team Passion and honesty Effort when the chips are down 2007: 843m (2004: 930m Google) Duncan Cameron: 162 m (90%) + 38.3m 2013: 11.41% each $38.2m funding to date Visionary Build Team Commercial Team Comparison 3 - Capital $1bn startup isn't cool no more! Go Big or Go Home Sense of urgency 2007: David Cummings $1.2m 2012: $95m to ExactTarget Cash is no issue Same shareholders Opportunity for Series B onwards Comparison 4 - Distribution Customer persona Touch points Scalable distribution model LiveStax: Access to 2000 Customers Comparison 5 Build or sell Vision and mission Build for long term Or for quick sale Build for Market Dominance Slow to get going Challenges n Product launch n Autumn 2014 n Growing the team over next 18 months n Birmingham Core Developmen n Manchester Apps n London Sales n Developing the ecosystem n Value added resellers n Independent apps developers, designers, trainers, services Enjoy the ride! manoj.ranaweera@edocr.com +44 7769734491 @manojranaweera

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