The Evolution of Rock Music

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Article: THE EVOLUTION OF ROCK MUSIC Music news not only lets you in on the latest happening in the world of rock and rhythm but also gives you a glimpse into its history, how everything came about. For example, the origin of Rock music is quite fascinating. Since its introduction in the 1950s, a combination of gospel, country music and electric blues it has today come a long way. While earlier it was limited to blues and rhythms charts, later on it came about its own and entered pop charts. This transformation happened in 1955. The 1960s saw the further growth and expansion of this gradually popularizing music form with increase in the acceptability and the introduction of new trends. During this time, rock music gradually started to expand its boundaries. It started reaching the top of the charts quite frequently. Introductions involved diversification into new styles like psychedelic, surf, soul, British Invasion, hard rock and folk rock. By 1970s though, rock music turned into big business offering substantial returns to the industry in general. Major production houses and artists were gradually turning quite influential and the fans considered them hot property. People started avidly following rock music news to remain in the things of the industrial happenings. Prime-time television shows also started placing focus on this genre of music with dedicated viewers. During the early 70s the existing generation of legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin died. This initiated the decline of psychedelic music with growth and morphing of hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock instead. Instead of being limited only to public theatres and the clubs or studios, artists started to come before large audiences such as in the sports arena. Open-air concerts gradually became the in thing with huge fan followings through the passage of time. Growth in both technology and television helped in the promotion of rock music and added to its growth and reach. Music videos available 24x7 to the audience were now the major marketing tool for artists and producers in the 1980s. Highly influential, this triggered the creation of new bands with happening music styles, popularizing them into the mainstream. A resurgence of heavy metal also occurred during this time. The 1980s also saw the emergence of new wave, synthrop, hip-hop, and rap. Rise of the female artists also marks this period of rock music with their presence quite evident across different genres. Sales of various albums and singles during this time also reflect this trend clearly. From the 1990s on words, however there was a clear trend of developments in the digital world. Internet now became the buzzword. This along with technology for sound compression facilitated digital distribution. Besides the illegal distribution, peer distribution also became highly prevalent. This in turn has now threatened the dominance of the major labels and artists opening up the playing field for rock music. Would you like to understand the fascinating evolution and development of rock music or keep up with the latest happenings, like information on the upcoming Foo fighters UK tour? Feel free to visit the website ABOUT THE COMPANY is a globally syndicated online music magazine offering daily music news, exclusive band features and reviews as well as world class concert photography. They also produce and promote high quality live music events, and is enjoying a growing industry-wide reputation for both discovering and showcasing new bands.

Music news not only lets you in on the latest happening in the world of rock and rhythm but also gives you a glimpse into its history, how everything came about. Read more.


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