UnifiedVU Pitch Deck for Business Rocks 2016 #BR2016

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Manoj Ranaweera 
 2016 Apr 21 Raising £350k Founder story.. CRM Plus Northern Tech Awards Foresight North Tech Centre Manchester Customer Records are scatted.. Email marketing Invoicing Sales Social media Credit Control Customer Support Marketing automation Sales pipeline Accounting Customer Service Tele sales Tele marketing Projects Communications Fulfilment Logistics Knowledge Base Chat Sales intelligence CRM Growth of Marketing Technology Landscape 2011 (#100) 2015 (#2000 companies) 2012 (#350) Software products market is growing at an exponential rate with new products entering as niche feature-lead SaaS companies filling gaps in incumbents. Proven AppStore Our offering Customer List Earnings to date Email Campaigns Customer Support Add Apps from UnifiedVU AppStore to build your work space, surfacing data and functionality from all your systems to execute your job (the workflow) faster, and make right decisions first time. Increase Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) driving overall growth of the business Companies House Channels Systems supported already… Build-once unify-many SOLUTION Competitive Landscape - Integration Enterprise Integration Virtual Integration SMB Integration Data exchange No data exchange Customer 360º View Market Size $500m in 2014 1. Fragmented market place. No clear winner. 2. Role specific solutions. No overall solution. 3. No Gartner category. Closest MDM Competition Chairman Team & immediate needs before senior hires UI UX Designer Marketer 3 Developers 2 Sales Executives Distribution channels.. Integration Partner Pages Joint Campaigns Mutual resellers and VARs BR AN D AS SO CI AT IO N IT Services Legal Services Accountancy Services In-house Initial full capability Distribution Network 
 IT Services and Consultants Supply Chain Independent developers 
 and ISVs 3 LA YE RS Direct Sales Inbound Marketing Outbound marketing (later on) M ar ke ts Ap pr oa ch Where are we today… Started Jan 2015 
 First 6 months - edocr exit Re-started Hired 2nd employee 
 Jul 2015 Customer development 
 Q4 2015 Marketing commenced 
 Jan 2016 
 Ba ck g ro un d SMBs IT and Professional Services Worldwide Pipelines 
 (Sales, Recruitment, Fund Raising) Single Customer View 
 (CRM, Accounting, Operations, Support) Unified Interactions (customer and supplier channels) Intelligence (customer and supplier) Pr od uc ts SaaS business model Employee Productivity Unifying everything 
 streamlining workflows M ar ke ts Fo cu s Generate £100m ARR by 2026 or earlier Problem/Solutions Fit Product/Market Fit Scaling Go al Bootstrapping is unlikely to get us there Raising £350k Achieve traction To Series A Ch al le ng e Simple pricing Build once-unify-many App Combinations Feature Alternatives Bespoke solutions Training On-boarding and Support Consultancy University Sa aS Se rv ic es Forecast…post funding Contact Manoj Ranaweera 
 manoj.ranaweera@unified.vu +44 7769734491 @manojranaweera @UnifiedVU Single Feature new startups New UI + Process over existing core systems

Pitch deck for Business Rocks 2016 held in Manchester on 21st and 22nd April. 

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Unifying all your software. Starting with Customer 360º View by unifying customer records from sales, marketing, accounts and support into one intuitive user interface to increase customer lifetime value.


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