America Is Burning, figuratively for change and literally due to looting

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America Is Burning, figuratively for change and literally due to looting The rise of social media has shown a light on the problem in ways we have never seen. People are ready for the movement to be more than just posts and likes. Various social groups are springing up around the country to respond. You are likely familiar with Black Lives Matter, but Just Stop Killing Us , a new organization for human rights and social justice has begun a full-court press. The organization is a coalition of the willing poised to amplify and support the social, political, and economic movements towards social justice. The organization aims to join forces with individuals, nonprofit organizations such as Phoenix International Inc., and businesses like Griffin Global Incorporated to devise community-based social, political, and economic solutions. The organization is working diligently to put together resources to help people and other organizations doing this work in daily life. The aim is to develop a network of productivity among people and organizations with like missions. "If the government refuses to take care of the people, the people must take care of themselves." -Anonymous Volunteer for Just Stop Killing Us. When questioned as to the meaning of the phrase the volunteer further explained that this problem is multifaceted. America is burning both literally and figuratively; burning for change, burning for progress, burning for justice. Contact Us At: https://juststopkillingu

Human Rights Organization, Just Stop Killing Us says neglect of race relations is taking a toll on the Republic. Racial tension bubbles to the surface above the economic and political tension felt worldwide this week.


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