Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2014

Nov 3, 2014 | Publisher: elearning247 | Category: Education |  


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Craig is the CEO and Analyst of E-Learning 24/7 which provides analyst, advisory and consulting services to buyers and suppliers in the e-learning industry. He has been identified as the most influential person in the world for e-learning (by his peers), and his blog, E-Learning 24/7 is read weekly in 154 countries, territories and colonial territories. Craig is currently writing a book on LMSs, which will be published by ATD in Spring 2016. He speaks at events, companies and conferences around the world. Craig recently launched a think tank for corporate online learning with an international perspective. The think tank is a separate entity from Craig's own firm, E-Learning 24/7


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elearning247 Says:

I will be posting on my Linkedin group, E-Learning 24/7, specific features for each of the top 10

superuser Says:

Hi Craig, Interesting analysis.