Advantages of Using 2x2 LED Troffer Lights

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Install 2X2 LED Troffer Lights that comes with 5 years of Manufacturer Warranty Install 2X2 LED Troffer Lights That Comes with 5 years of Manufacturer Warranty Today the LED troffer lights are being widely used at the indoor places to have the lightingresults in a more powerful way, the growing popularity of these lights have motivated many residential complexes to use these LED Troffer Lights since they have attached with so many enormous energy savings benefits. Among various types of lights, you can use 2X2 LED Troffer Lights at the basement and corridors of the residential spaces to enjoy beneath advantages. Advantages of Using These 2X2 LED Troffer Lights are as Follows: The Color Temperature of these 2X2 LED troffer lights is 5000k thus providing neutral white-daywhite light. Comes with a dimming option and can be dimmed from 0-10V. These lights are built to last for more than 50,000 hours which is at least 3-4 times much higher than the fluorescent tubes. They are UL Certified and DLC approved. Comes with the lumen output of 3900 lumens. Replace 90w light with these 30w troffer LED lights. Can be easily installed and operated as well for longer period of time. These troffers can give you an energy saving of almost 75% that will reduce the utility bills as well. Contain no mercury and halogen. Have CRI of higher than 80 that make the objects look real. Also these LED troffers does not contain any harmful radiation such as ultraviolet rays in its light beam which otherwise are harmful. So use these 30w 2X2 LED troffer lights that have efficient thermal heat dissipation thus helpful to dissipate heat effectively whatever heat is produced by the fixture. THANK YOU


Among various types of lighs, you can use 2x2 LED Troffer Lights at the basement and corridors of the residential spaces to enjoy beneath advantages. And from LEDMyplace you can purchase these lights at a very cheap and fair price in all over USA.

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