Williamsburg Northside Lower School: Integrating Defined but Flexible Curriculum

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WILLIAMSBURG NORTHSIDE LOWER SCHOOL Integrating Defined but Flexible Curriculum All institutions of Williamsburg Northside Schools are based on the fundamental philosophy of Reggio Emilia approach. It essentially means that students’ passion for learning and powerful curiosity is fostered by the school’s curriculum and environment, shaping each student in becoming a unique and independent individual. Williamsburg Northside Lower School’s curriculum is structured in a way that prepares students for the trials and tasks that await them in middle school. By keeping Reggio Emilia approach as the cornerstone of the teaching practice, the development of creativity and flexible thinking and each student’s capability to collaborate and communicate. The underlining idea of the approach that each child is an individual and capable learner is upheld by a clearly defined but flexible that looks something like this: Lower School Literacy Curriculum The curriculum in literacy pays emphasis on the interconnectedness between writing and reading while exploring an array of themes and topics such as respect, identity, community, and culture. With the help of the literacy curriculum of Williamsburg Northside Lower School, students acquire the ability to think analytically and creatively. Following activities encompass the literacy curriculum:  Writing  Spelling  Reading  Public speaking (in small and large groups) Lower School Math Curriculum Investigations in data, numbers, and space (the TERC) are used as the foundation of the math curriculum of the lower school. It is designed to inculcate the conceptual understanding of the subject and to guide students on the path of becoming mathematical thinkers. Math classes take place in small and whole groups with the use of material tools that assist students in developing abstract thinking. The main objective of math curriculum is to enable students to make mathematical connections and expand logical thinking. Lower School Social Studies In the beginning years of the lower school, the themes or topics that are taken up as a part of the social studies curriculum focuses on the community in terms of school, neighborhood, family, and city. As the students grow up they are taught the broader meaning of the term ‘community’. Students develop a sense of being citizens of a larger world. They study the country as well as the world (or the global community).

All institutions of Williamsburg Northside Schools are based on the fundamental philosophy of Reggio Emilia approach. We discuss in depth about the lower's schools curriculum for young learners.

About Williamsburg Northside

The Williamsburg Northside group of schools, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, provides childcare to infants and toddlers in a nurturing environment along with a Reggio Emilia based learning experience at the preschool and lower school. The child-centered curriculum focuses in on all areas of development of a growing child including feeding, napping, toilet training, crawling and walking.


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