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edocr Follow Publishers , urge your readers to 'Follow' you! If they do, edocr provides you with their validated email address. Basically like a subscription. edocr automatically alerts your followers when you publish something new according to their preferences. Also, you may copy the link code (right click) of the 'Follow' button and email it out to potential followers. Or, place a 'Follow' or 'Subscribe' button on your web page. Sample code for this is included in this blog at the bottom. Then, edocr will validate each is a valid email address and then add each follower to your 'Follower List'. Use this feature to enhance your content's reach and effectiveness. Edocr users , keep up with the content you care about by following your favorite publishers. Following is useful if you find someone who writes on topics you really want to read about or participate in. You don't need to scroll the feeds to check the activities of a publisher. To follow your favorite publisher, simply click the "Follow" button under the publisher's profile description. And, if you are a publisher of content on edocr, make sure you urge your readers to follow you, it is a great way to increase and keep your audience. You may also subscribe to a publisher's particular collection of documents instead of subscribing to all of the publisher's works and postings. Simply click on "Follow" next to the collection title. The image below indicates the location of both of the Follow button locations: You can see all the new activities related to the publisher under the following tab when logged into your edocr account. After following, you will receive a weekly email notification about subscription updates. You can update your notification settings under the account settings tab. Sample code for a button on your site, to be modified at "blank" for your particular Profile or Collection: This one is "Follow Profile" <a href="https://www.edocr.com" target="_blank">View more on edocr</a> This one is "Follow Collection" <a href="https://www.edocr.com" target="_blank">View more on edocr</a> Follow your favorite edocr publisher today. Or, better yet, be followed!

About edocr

I am an accomplished content marketing professional helping you to build your brand and business. In my current role, I fulfill a multi-faceted solution marketplace including: publishing and sharing your content, embedding a document viewer on your website, improving your content’s search engine optimization, generating leads with gated content and earning money by selling your documents. I gobble up documents, storing them for safekeeping and releasing the text for excellent search engine optimization, lead generation and earned income. 

Publishing documents on edocr.com is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

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