Animal Dungeon - Save Animals by Playing Game

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Who doesn’t want to try a fun exciting game that includes real animal sounds with an educational element for kids? Being a mom of two kids, I am always on the lookout for high quality mobile games that offers pure entertainment while educating your kids towards a strong social message. Here’s an interesting app from Appimize Studios, Animal dungeon made in co-operation with WWF whose 5-10% of game sales goes to support WWF for wildlife protection. How the game begins…. Animal dungeon makes an interesting beginning where Tim, a child going to school passes through the jungle where he loves to play with animals around. One day he observes that the jungle has astonishingly gone quiet. On discovering the cause, he finds that an evil poacher has caged all the animals and plans to sell them as part of an illegal wildlife trade game. That’s when Tim makes a decision to fight the poachers and rescue the most valuable and ecologically important animal species. Things I Like….. • Game Play Animal dungeon is just like any runner game in the industry today where you have to avoid the tough obstacles and combat the evil poachers around. But your only weapon here is FRUITS! The background is a scene of jungle, with Tim running for his life and escaping the hurdles like fire, pits and forked glaciers. • Animal Dungeon’s Zoopedia One of the most interesting features of Animal Dungeon is the Zoopedia that offers a complete guide to animals. It includes 36 animal sounds along with entertaining fun facts on every animal. Moreover you get information on animals found in continents such as species, habitat, location, appearance etc • Rescuing the animal The game demands you to act in time and swipe upwards and downwards to endure each obstacle. The challenge is to fire the poacher with the fruit before he aims at you. The instant you hit the poacher, the trapped animal steps out of his cage and makes a happy animal sound once it is freed which really delights you.


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