How Importers Can Buy Small Quantities From China

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HOW IMPORTERS CAN BUY SMALL QUANTITIES FROM CHINA? China is all about buying bulk, so when the importers approach the vendors with the small quantities requirements, they often have to face lots of challenges and hurdles. Because, obliviously, the name Chinese Wholesale Market isn't just for the sake of giving Chinese Market a name. The whole business policy works on offering importers large volumes of the product made in the Chinese factories in bulk. What often becomes extremely challenging is keeping up with the minimum order quantity and the product certification testing demands investment of thousands of dollars, to say the least. No, the story does not end here; even the mega-corporations and big businesses have to face difficulty maintaining a decent profit margin. Today in this blog, the virtuosos of the leading Product Sourcing Agent from China have put together certain pointers that you must keep track of and in mind if you want to have a successful small quantity goods import from Chinese market without compromising your own profit margins. Don't Flock To Ali Express: Even if you are buying small quantities that aren't fulfilling the minimum order quantity, you need to stick to the Chinese Manufacturers. Though you cannot buy a full range of products you had in mind, you sure can buy one or two. Make sure these are the products that you know will face a maximum sale. Avoid Buying These Products: When you are looking forward to buying small quantities from the Chinese wholesale market, steer clear of these product categories, Electronics Toys Cosmetics Chemical Products The reason? These are the certain product categories which are primarily made for the domestic Chinese market and are often not in compliance with the US and EU product certification requirements. The import of products not meeting the certification requirements is unauthorized and illegal and may be confiscated by the customs authorities. How to Meet the Minimum Order Quantity: This is one of the major issues that small volume importers have to face. The Chinese product manufacturers keep a Minimum Order Quantity of 500 to 1000 pieces per product which is considerable for the small volume importers if it would've been for the total order. But it isn't. When 500 pieces per product X Different products in various shapes and colors = Enormous Minimum Order Quantity And, no matter what the Chinese product manufacturers will not at any cost reduce the MOQ requirement, no negotiation on this front. Then, what needs to be done? So, what small volume importers can do to meet the MOQ requirements as per the leading Import Agent China is to simplify the usage of the product components and materials, meaning that they should strive for variation by putting in use the same component and material again and again. Brand Your Product: All China Products Wholesale Agents though suggest the buyers to completely steer clear of the customized products, branding your own product are one of the key factors of this whole strategy. Though it will take a brand to pick up recognition a long time, it will surely add value to their business. A brand will give a product and the company behind it an identity. But, won't a logo cost tons of money? No, it will not! Branding your product doesn't have to be a full blow glossy and shiny packaging, a simple printed logo on the product will suffice. The Chinese suppliers don't ask for more than a few cents to print your own brand logo on the products they are supplying. For more information in this regard, you can reach the top China Import Agent, Import Agents China.

China is all about buying bulk, so when the importers approach the vendors with the small quantities requirements, they often have to face lots of challenges and hurdles.

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