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Quality Of The Floating Seals Facial seals - Floating seals feature two identical friction rings of metal fixed one on top of the other and concentrated in their groove with two rubber components that exert a uniform axial pressure between the seal and the housing. The first metal ring remains fixed in its casing while the other, in rotation, secures the seal by creating friction between the two connected components. Heavy floating seals - cast for life Choosing floating seals from SAP Parts means you choose the optimum precision and protection. Quite simply, we are your preferred partner for highly-designed components that have superior wear resistance and durability, thanks to innovative home manufacturing processes and special materials science. For example, according to application and operational conditions, the quality and hardness of SAP Parts materials of floating seals can provide you with long hours working life, which means long product life and low operating cost. Designed to minimize downtime and maximize vehicle availability, Floating Seals users have many advantages. Our precision cast floating seals are world-famous for features such as extreme temperatures, facilitating high speeds and providing optimal protection for air and oils. Designed specifically for use on all types of heavy duty crawling vehicles, the exceptional wear-reducing properties of our floating seals will exceed your highest requirements and standards. When using SAP Parts Floating Seals, Mechanical Face Seals, you will also benefit from over half a century of experience and research in material handling applications, provided with an absolute commitment to detailed and consistent quality control. In addition, we have a proven track record of partnering with clients who need custom floating seals to suit specific applications. Design flexibility is a trademark of our business. Quality sealing solutions for construction, mining and agricultural vehicles Designed to meet all your needs and limitations, even in very harmful or challenging applications:  SAP Parts floating seals - also known as metal face seals, mechanical face seals, age seals or bevel conical seals - are a staple of the lower track rollers;  SAP Parts floating seals are designed and manufactured within it, including metal sealing rings and O-rings.  SAP Parts floating seals have a robust design for heavy equipment working in harsh environments, such as those in construction, agriculture, and mining; Toric Seal  High speed applications are equipped with floating EKK seals due to their high performance materials. Heavy seal types Our floating seal type has many excellent features. For example, the air is more compact than conventional face seals, and it is easy to assemble due to its structures. Moreover, to show common concern for the quality that we share with our customers, our molded products feature high material density and high mechanical strength, resulting in a seal designed to work throughout the life of the machine without malfunction. This also results in less maintenance time, allowing you to focus on your core business. Seal specifications When Things Get Tough Both our floating sealing and Duo sealing ring components are produced and assembled, ensuring that our advanced products are subject to continuous quality control by our company experts. As a result, we can fully guarantee flawless operation and permanently seal it so you don't have to worry about stopping. O-Ring We offer a range of rubber materials designed to meet your needs. Internal competencies, development and production ensure that the highest quality is maintained. Our standard rough conditions require standard NBR, which is synthetic rubber known to keep impressive shape, and has excellent tear strength and low / high temperature durability. When temperature plays an important role, we recommend the use of H-NBR (hydrogenated nitrogen butadiene rubber) and FKM (fluorine rubber), which have been specially developed for high temperature ranges. Centrifugal casting process Our floating seals are produced using a centrifugal casting, which sees our specially developed alloy cast into a rotating die at a high speed. Thanks to the centrifugal force, the liquefied alloys come into contact with the rotary mold under great pressure to enable high-precision forming results. Your benefits include high grain density casting, and high mechanical strength Almost zero porosity. In addition, the process provides structures with fine grains and fewer impurities and impurities compared to traditional sand casting. In other words, we know how important quality and durability is to you, so we are proud to offer you the strongest and strongest floating seals on the market. Contact Us: - SAP Parts™ Pvt. Ltd. Address - 85, B.U. Bhandari Indl. Estate, Off John Deere, Nagar Road, Sanaswadi, Tal. Shirur Dist. Pune - 412 208 Maharashtra,India. Email Id - sales@sapparts.com Phone No - +919561562957 Website - www.sapparts.com/


Oil leakage into the system is prohibited by the O Ring- Adapter container casing - flat face metal seal and sealant faces. The potential clay entry from outside the system is protected by the sealing arrangement of the O-ring adapter, housing, and sleeves. Floating seal tends to oscillate during operation by providing the pin that connects the transformer casing with a metal face seal.


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