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New Capital Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to building great companies by creating true partnerships with management teams and investing in high-growth businesses. By leveraging our extensive entrepreneurial and operational experience and selecting quality partners, we have realized significant value creation for our portfolio companies. We have a track record of success in financial services and fintech investments, and we are interested in partnering with more companies in this sector. / 205-939-8400 EXPERTS IN FINANCIAL SERVICES AND FINTECH INVESTING SELECT FINANCIAL SERVICES AND FINTECH INVESTMENTS Acquired by NYSE: GHL Volly provides a software platform that integrates marketing and customer engagement strategies in the mortgages and banking industries. GeoVera is a specialty residential insurer focused on specialty homeowners and residential earthquake products. ASI is a property and casualty insurance company. Styx Capital is a “micro- ticket” specialty finance company. PCM Capital is a portable storage leasing and real estate development company. Cogent Partners is a boutique investment bank and financial services company. Acquired by NYSE: PGR Undisclosed buyer Undisclosed buyer INVESTMENT FOCUS IN FINANCIAL SERVICES AND FINTECH Niche investment banks Commercial lending Niche asset management Insurance carriers & MGAs Insurance Technology Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Unbanked & underbanked services Cybersecurity Transaction processing National Bank of Commerce is a bank holding company operating across Alabama and Florida. IPO: NCOM ControlCase delivers IT security certifications and compliance services through its proprietary technology platform The Southern Bank Company offers personal and business financial services in Northeastern Alabama. LoyaltyExpress, SoftVu and Lending Manager are affiliated companies. ACES Risk Management Corp. (ARMCO) is the leading provider of enterprise risk transaction management solutions to the financial industry. Acquired by Corsair Capital REPAY is a full-service provider of electronic transaction processing services for retail merchants. / 205-939-8400 LET’S TA LK Please contact any of the individuals below if you know someone who may be interested in partnering with us or would like to learn more. Let’s grow a business together. Jim Little | 205-939-8403 James Outland | 205-939-8404 Adam Cranford | 205-397-8411 Danny Despot | 205-939-8405 Paul Pless | 205-939-8410 Ryan Berg | 205-397-8414 Trey Miller | 205-451-0478 INVESTMENT CRITERIA Niche leadership potential Growth track, high margins Scalable business model Culture of success $10M - $150M in revenue $3M - $20M in EBITDA Brooks McElveen| 205-451-0468 Jennifer Fisher | 205-939-8401

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Personal Finance - Financial planning generally involves analyzing an individual's or a family's current financial position, and formulating strategies for future needs within financial constraints. Personal finance is a very personal activity that depends largely on one's earnings, living requirements, goals and individual desires.

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