Time Management Tips 6 - Inability to say NO

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INABILITY TO SAY 'NO' Realise why you say 'yes' when you should say 'no' ● Unclear priorities ● Fear of offending others ● Need to be a 'good guy' ● Hope to influence others or make them indebted to you ● Desire to get on the good side of the boss Learn the four steps in saying 'no' ● Listen to ensure understanding ● Say 'no' (not 'maybe' or 'not sure') ● Give reasons - if appropriate ● Suggest alternatives - if possible How TIYGA Can Help Often we would find it easier to say no if we had the evidence to convince ourselves not to feel guilty or to persuade others that “no” was a reasonable answer under the circumstances. By using TIYGA we can Set Alerts to remind us when our chosen preset limits have been been reached as well as to add up the cumulative effect of such requests – in handy charts and tables. This can make it easier to say no without feeling guilty and may help others to respect your time.


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